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The worlds are safe, and our heroes; Sora, Donald, and Goofy are looking for Riku and the King. A new enemy has surfaced and there may be plus to these black coated fighters than toi may suspect. Please Subscribe
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In a world, far, far away, a legendary craftsman created three Keyblades known as the ''Keys of Trinity''. Many a dit these Keyblades were superior, many tried to witness the awesome power of the three Keyblades, but the Keyblades were seperated, and therefore their power was limited. One day, a mysterious figure managed to wield all three of the Keyblades. The blades were meant for stopping evil. However, he grew into a terrible tiran, who created the ''Heartless''. Even Raph Shur, wielder of the powerful Keyblade ''Ultima'', wasn't able to stop him. The world continued to live in darkness....
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