Kingdom Hearts 2 Kh Rpg (Yeah I know, another one, so sue me. - _-)

HidHOPEden posted on Jul 08, 2011 at 09:08PM
Hai this is my first time here and I was wondering if anyone would like to join this rpg, it's canon and original character friendly so you can make your own character and have some kind of relationship with a canon (i.e: friendship, sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) If you would like to join I need these things:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
What world you are from (can be made up or one from the game):
Race (Human, Nobody, Heartless):
Friends (can be made up or from the game):
Secret about your character:
Powers (if any):
Back Story:
Any flaws:

Also here are some rules for my rpg:
1)Absolutely no Yaoi or Yuri!!! I cannot make myself any clearer. Don't get me wrong, I love gay people, in real life. I just don't like seeing or reading about heavy sex stuff. Plus it gets annoying when fangirls (and fanboys) obsess over that shit.
2)If you have nothing nice to say, just don't say it, better yet, just don't join at all. I'm not going to take anybody's crap saying negative things about the rpg.
3)Just have fun, nuff said! :D
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il y a plus d’un an HidHOPEden said…
Name: Megumi
Age: 16
Height: 5' 11"
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Shoulder length choclate brown hair.
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Outfit: Wears a light blue shirt that reveals the back and shoulders but has a strap that ties around her neck, a black undershirt with sleeves that stop just above her elbows, black skinny jeans that are tucked into light blue hi-top converse, a purple sash that is tied around her waist with a matching purple bag that rests on her left hip, a black knuckle glove on her right hand, a black choker and silver moon necklace around her neck.
Weapons: Two keyblades, one called Solar Divinity and the other called Lunar Divinity. Solar Divinity has a red and orange handle that kinda looks like the one on Sora's kingdom key, but flipped up-side down and the sides are curved inwards, the blade part of it is bronze colored and has the outline of a flame that sticks out the edge with colors that fade from red to orange to yellow, and the keychain is gold with a sun without rays as the charm. Lunar Divinity has a blue and purple handle that looks like the one on Kairi's keyblade, but only has half of the heart, the blade part is silver and has two black wires spiraling around it starting from the top of the handle stopping halfway up the blade while the top of the blade bends backwards and makes a curve with a curl at the tip, also at the top a blackish-purple butterfly sticks out the side looking like it's sitting on the blade, the keychain is silver with a moon that matches the one on her necklace as the charm.
What world you are from: Destiny Islands
Race: Human
Friends: Sora Kairi and Riku.
Personality: Megumi is a bit lazy, laid back and always seems to be tired. She's usually seen taking a nap or just gazing at the waves on the island. She may seem like she doesn't care about anything or anyone, but truly, she really cares about her friends and loved ones, especially if someone tries to mess with them. She enjoys a sword fight with Riku every once in a while, and suprisingly she wins a lot of the time.
Likes: Taking naps, gazing at the ocean, swordfights, ice-cream, swimming.
Dislikes: Being provoked, doing chores (or any work for that matter), school.
Secret about your character: Megumi's keyblades can turn into 9 mm pistols with the same charms, one gun is red and orange with the sun charm and the other is blue and purple with the moon charm.
Powers (if any): A master of fire and blizzard magic.
Backstory: Megumi has been best friends with Sora and Riku for as long as she could remember. She has always been one to hang out with boys better than girls. When they discovered Kairi washed up on shore, however, Megumi was able to become fast friends with her and now looks at her like a younger sister. Time passes and she develops feelings for Riku, but she is too shy to tell him her feelings.
Any flaws: Laziness, can be soft-spoken at times.