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Killers:Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher's movie I saw this movie today and i loved it, did toi guys l’amour it ou not?

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yes i also loved it...
I didn 't l’amour it but i thought iwas good tho...
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 ridge_fan_08 posted il y a plus d’un an
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ridge_fan_08 picked yes i also loved it...:
I love this movie, it is one of the best movies that i have seen in a long time!
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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final_fantasy17 picked yes i also loved it...:
I totally loved the movie
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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jadle811 picked yes i also loved it...:
well, who WOULDNT love it, now THERES a question... with kutcher starring, it would be hard not to... i know hes old now, but hey. i sill love him! haha.
posted il y a plus d’un an.