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It started as any normal day. *Chuckles* Well, as normal as a jour can go for me. As I do every morning, I check for anything that could kill me. I do this in the hope to go a jour without dying. But, looks were deceiving. As soon as i Got out my costume, a rock flew through my window and shattered my brain. I reappeared in my lit almost instantly. Most people would like to not be able to die. I wish that I actually could stay dead. I mean, its very depressing when no one remembers that toi die. Not even your own parents. I grabbed my costume and headed towards the fatasses' house. But today wasn't' any ordinary day.
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Kenny McCormick is a part of a poor family, both his mom and dad are alcoholics. Kenny has 2 siblings, A little sister named Karen and an older brother named Kevin. His mom's name is Carol and hid dad's name is Stewart. He is dirty minded toi can tell from his line in the "South Park" theme song. His line is "I like girls with big fat titties I like girls with big vaginas". Wow pretty dirty minded don't ya think? Kenny Gets killed in pretty much every episode until season five episode Kenny dies, that was his perminenet death but a few seasons later he comes back and dies not nearly as much as he did. :) He lives in a run down shack. His orange parka is what apperantly attracts the deaths of him.
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toi bastards!
kenny's dead