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posted by LadySilverSoul
The Definition of the word "Genius", as explained par Merriam-Webster dictionary... "a very smart ou talented person : a person who has a level of talent ou intelligence that is very rare ou remarkable. : a person who is very good at doing something."

Ladies and gentlemen, actor Keanu Reeves is a genius. To explain where I am coming from with my realization, I will settle on three bullet points. His career/talent, his personality, and what others have a dit about him.

People, fans, and non-fans have a dit many things about Reeves' acting, and career. With this article, I am no different. Perhaps...
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posted by ElizabethWard
Yes, I do have to say that Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly one of the best actors that are known to man. Even so I feel as though, Mr. Reeves should remain the right to his privacy and should be able to at least live a life where he can attain some solitude, don’t toi agree? I mean toi have to put yourself in his shoes for once, of course at first the popularity will be very ego enhancing, though after a while it shall begin to get a little annoying. So I stand here in front of toi my Friends and peers and ask, from probably every celebrity (or most) to just give them some l’espace to live a life, respect and adore them, but from a distance. For I have found out from experience that if toi push someone they shall only close up, not open up more…
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"Kismet---the fate of one man's destiny*) par Suzanne LaRosa Herlihy in Science Fiction & Fantasy
"Kismet---the fate of one man's destiny*) par Suzanne LaRosa Herlihy: "Kismet---the fate of one man's destiny" This is a story about Kevin. He is a cop. He is transported to an island. Once there , he is part of an experiment. ...
I wrote this with Keanu Reeves in mind.