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last airbender
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musique video
last airbender
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musique video
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stand in the rain

In order to begin this “Verse”
We first set Time in reverse,
To the focal point of the Multiverse
To see beyond this universe…

Before the primordial transmutation
Of energy and matter in fusion
Was the birth of unfolding dimension
Where forces existed in unification…

par a Word from Creator spoken,
Time was born and symmetry broken,
Till eons later, when consciousness woken
To sentience, became a human token…

Like the crack of a wave upon the beach
Two parallel universes kissed
When within each other’s narrow reach
Of what would have been missed
For yet another eternity…

A singularity in endless expansion;
A universe in tireless evolution
At the expense of its source in involution,
Complexifying with each revolution
And revolving in every complexity….
musique video
last airbender
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What of the Avatar of the future?
Is there anything left to bend here
Other than one’s mind—
The pinnacle of evolution
Woven from stringborne forces in revolution?
To leave one’s thoughts behind
In the ever-flowing stream of consciousness
And sink into the state of oneness
With the source indwelling,
Simultaneously upward-welling
By consent and surrender alone,
The will relinquish, the false self disown?


Gravity, electroweak and strong force set
Like the members of a string quartet,
Playing musique of infinite diversity,
Yet blending in perfect harmony;...
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My name is Katara,
Girlfriend of the Avatar.
I hail from Southern Water,
Where I am the last bender….

If toi think the Avatars master
Each element after the other,
I wouldn’t say you’re wrong;
But wouldn’t toi listen to my song?

The four elements are the same—
Their separateness an illusion—
So the true name of the game
Is transmutation, not manipulation….

Where avatars past worked hard to tame
All four elements, ou burn in shame,
My Avatar Aang is here to stun
par blending all elements into one—

He integrates the elements
Into a Singularity,
Like lemur-bats and Koi-elephants
Despite their diversity….

For everything is connected;
For that he’s well respected:
To see beyond deception
Is to master integration;

For is there any other solution
To avert impending devastation
Without much training ou meditation
But only a few months’ desperation?
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Always par my side,
As in toi I can confide
My innermost state of being,
With you, beyond just seeing
You; though ever we are
Locked in a gaze,
Steady as a shining star,
Through Time’s ephemeral haze….

Always in my mind, seeing
Beyond our eye-to-eye
Contact, beyond even touching,
Beyond tasting your sweetness, I ….
Am engulfed by
Your affection
Like the ocean does my reflection
In your eyes I see the connection
That brings our souls to integration…

Always in my heart,
Together ou apart;
Our union transcends space,
Events, Time and place;
For ever are we,
In ways we cannot see,
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 Princess Yue (version par megoomba) adopts wordbender as moonbunny
Princess Yue (version by megoomba) adopts wordbender as moonbunny
I saw my sister,
Katara, par the river,
Aglow in a sliver
Of cold moonlight,
With no clouds in sight;
The water at her beck and call,
Obeying her every gesture,
Her silent commands to rise and fall
Moulded par her gentle pressure….

I saw my lover,
Princess Yue, wrapped in glowing silver;
Entombed par the moon’s cold light,
Reflected in that river;
Yet no unbroken image lay
To soothe my eyes ou gently stay
The choppy water, glistening
In a multitude of highlights, shifting
Like a shattered mirror drifting by:
A million tears of light did cry….

No bending of that cold water
By highly-trained martial master,
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Imagine a world with all bending prohibited,
Except the kind practiced par the ruling Nation;
A populace robbed of human rights, restricted
In their living par unlimited pervasion
Of tyranny,
And senseless perversion;
Of equality
And endless invasion
Of privacy…

Imagine a life of having to bend
Not one’s element, but to the will
Of the slavedriver;
Into the wilderness blend
Or be made into a kill,
Unless taken prisoner…

In a world without hope,
Who would fight for us?
Where could we run,
Stumble ou grope?
Who could set things right for us
Before oppression effaced the sun?

Alas the Avatar sleeps;...
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In a flowing stream,
Of consciousness
Losing its grip on my intention,
Caresses me
Beyond the deepest dream
With deliciousness
Too profound to mention….

She washes
And immerses:
My injuries heal with her attention;
With the water she moves and swirls,
She bends and curls
My mental and spiritual focus
To attain a new dimension….

For deep beneath the river of thought
Lies Katara’s healing caress, wrought
par the waterbender
Is she
Who becomes the wordbender
In me.

The water of gravity;
The earth of the strong
Force; the feu of electricity;
And the air of the weak belong
Together in the perfect symmetry
Of n-dimensional reality,
Where all indeed become the same,
Within one picture of extended frame;
Before that primordial Kiss gave birth
To fire, water, air and earth…

So all of wisdom, bold and meek,
To unify all forces they do seek:
Amongst whom, the rarely gifted,
Into otherworldly state have shifted,
Caught glimpses of multidimensional reality
And constructed the fabric of string theory.