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 Image soumis par frikar94 3 years il y a
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She becomes the water
That she bends;
She becomes the power
That she sends;
She becomes the healing that mends;
She becomes the lover that tends;
She becomes the tenderness that she shields;
She becomes the weapon that she wields.
She becomes the blood that flows
Through me as our l’amour grows;
She would not bend it
But would defend it,
As though her own depends on it….

She is the dancer who becomes the dance;
She is the spell who becomes the trance;
She is the sifu who becomes the way;
She is the daylight who becomes the day;
She is the shower
Who becomes the rain;
She is the flower
That soothes my pain;
She is the artist who becomes the art;
And of me she has become a part--
So inseparable;
So dependable
Is she who has blossomed in my heart.
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toi are Katara,
A character in “Avatar”;
Conjured up par your creators,
Brought to life par animators,
With a soulful voice* to carry your heart;
So easily toi became a part
Of teenage’s bubbly, conscious stream
But are toi nothing plus than a dream?

You are Katara;
How endearing toi are:
A little winsome girl
Full of sweet spontaneity,
Caught in life’s emotional swirl,
Yet undying in simple purity….

You are Katara,
And toi have come so far—
From little girl winsome,
To waterbender awesome:
From apprentice to master at age fourteen;
Yet how many lifetimes toi must’ve seen!

You are Katara:-
Born of water,...
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i miss toi
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stand in the rain
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