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posted by ilovetech29
When I think of Johnny...♥♥♥

As I look up into the bright sky,
As I gaze on the seagulls who fly,
My thinking cannot rest but wonder,
If your brown eyes in this scene, wander.

As I sip a clear glass of water,
As I bite a brown loaf of fiber,
My thinking cannot stop but question,
If your lips feel the same sensation.

As I listen to the clock ticking,
As I hear the raindrops splattering,
My thinking cannot falter but ask,
If your ears are doing the same task.

As my nose embraced the summer air,
As I sniffed on them petals so bare,
My thinking cannot halt but ponder,
If you're smelling the things I'd mutter.

As I touched the texture of softness,
As those pillows I gently caress,
My mind cannot pause but speculate,
If your talc-like skin feels the same state.

This my poem, my hard-made poem's to show,
For toi my dearest Johnny to know,
How much time I spend thinking of you,
toi lighten my life feeling so blue...♥♥♥
posted by MrsDepp1995
Deppheads i had a strange but amazing dream today ^_^

There was a hotel which looked like my school and also
there was a room which had Johnny Depp posters everywhere...

i was in this room many times a jour and i was sitting and staring
the posters (:
Also i met some Jd fans there and we had fun
and we were laughing together..
then one jour as i was walking in
the hotel and thinking about how to meet johnny i saw him and his
family passing my way and running :/
i didn't know what to do
i was crying and i told my Friends to come and see him..
An employee
was running after them because they weren't allowed...
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posted by DeppendentOnU
Just came back from the earliest montrer I could get of "The Lone Ranger"! In a few words... IT. WAS. BREATHTAKING. I reserved special seats, called D-Box seats (not sure if they have them in your area), but they are basically seats that déplacer with the motion in the movie. For example, if the shot showed men on horses, your siège would bounce up and down (not too severely though). The seats were expensive, yes ($18.25 US a ticket), but they were definitely worth it. I could feel my cœur, coeur pounding in several train sequences. So, if toi can, I would recommend getting D-Box seats.

As per usual,...
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22 years have passed since I saw toi for the first time.
toi were a funny, sweet and beautiful cop.
I stayed thunderstruck.
Along the way i Lost your traces.
We grew up,
and i have found a Pirate.
toi were a funny, sweet and beautiful Pirate.
I have struck again.
I was anchored in a port,
and you, beautiful Captain Jack,brought me to meet all your friends.
I did what i couldn’t be done at that time,
i learned to know you.
Your gestures when toi speak,
when toi are embarrassed
Your eyes expressing so many emotions
and glitter when toi talk about your children,
toi are loyal and always available with all the people
I would like to meet you,although I know that will never happen.
But toi always have a special place in my heart.
Be yourself always, as toi have done so far.

With all the l’amour I have for toi

posted by Fyrwenn
OF ALL THE LEVELS OF CONNECTION, the most consistent was humor. Humor, often meaning practical jokes. There was no one plus gifted in this arena ou as skilled a craftsman as Marlon. He possessed the sense of humor ? which we both shared ? of a child. I once asked him why it was that farts were always funny. He replied, “Because they are blatantly anti-social.”

He once asked if I would play a small part in a film he was going to do in Ireland. I agreed and asked if I shouldn’t maybe take a look at the script. He advised me not to worry about it; I was simply going to play a journalist...
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posted by Johnny1982
Talk to me softly

There's something in your eyes

Don't hang your head in sorrow

And please don't cry

I know how toi feel inside I've

I've been there before

Something's changing inside you

And don't toi know

Don't toi cry tonight

I still l’amour toi baby

Don't toi cry tonight

There's a heaven above toi baby

And don't toi cry tonight

Give me a whisper

And give me a sigh

Give me a Kiss before toi tell me goodbye

Don't toi take it so hard now

And please don't take it so bad

I'll still be thinking of you

And the times we

And don't toi cry tonight

There's a heaven above toi baby

And don't toi cry tonight

And please remember that I never lied

And please remember how I felt inside now honey

toi got to make it your own way

But you'll be alright now sugar

You'll feel better tomorrow

Come the morning light now baby

And don't toi cry tonight
salut readers! We just got back from the Kids’ Choice Awards and we can’t even begin to describe what a blast it was! We saw SO many of your favori célébrités on the orange carpet — it seemed like everyone was there for Nick’s big night! We got to chat with Selena Gomez, the hotties of Big Time Rush, Jaden Smith, The Black Eyed Peas, Victoria Justice, Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson and TONS of others, so be sure to keep checking back HERE for the latest mises à jour from the KCAs!

You know who else was there besides celebs? fans just like you! There were tons of screaming fans lining the streets...
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posted by Johnny1982
jour after day

Time passed away

And I just can't get toi off my mind

Nobody knows, I hide it inside

I keep on searching but I can't find

The courage to montrer to letting toi know

I've never felt so much l’amour before

And once again I'm thinking about

Taking the easy way out

But if I let toi go I will never know

What my life would be holding toi close to me

Will I ever see toi smiling back at me?

How will I know

if I let toi go?

Night after night I hear myself say

Why can't this feeling just fade away :(

There's no one like toi

toi speak to my cœur, coeur

It's such a shame we're worlds apart

I'm too shy to ask,

I'm too proud to lose

But sooner ou later I gotta choose

And once again I'm thinking about

Taking the easy way out
posted by mat29cool
 JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ok! So my friend Depp-fan gave me a link to the pictures she drew. All i have to say is that toi are VERY talented!!!! To tell toi the truth I have NEVER seen drawings as good as these!!! NEVER!!! It surprised me! So I wanted to let the other people of this club know that toi are AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB and keep up the PERFECT work!!!! and send me plus links...:D EVERYBODY that reads this NEEDS to check out her drawings!! HOPE this gets your drawings plus vues and comments!!! toi deserve it!!!!

These are a few of her drawings!! :) ->->->
 JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
posted by savysarah
hi every one
what charicter do toi like best? I l’amour jack well him and all the rest cant choose there all sexy.
i think in the charicter of jack sparroew the writters were verry free and adventurus making johnny plus comftable in his role .There was a slite hich in the secound movie but johnny always keeps his charicter verry well.Johnny has a amazing amaginaition with what he does through each of his charicters .You can read into there
life not just belive but deeply belive which
creates a mind of wonder and amaginaition too.

He toi feel like toi can realate to some of the
charicters .............................................