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Thirsty for plus free gifts? yòNEED Jewelry is offering the big BUY 5 GET 1 FREE sale for all items in all categories! From Now to May 31, 2011 (Extended Period), purchase 5 ITEMS in any category, in any combination, to get another item Free of Charge! In other words, when toi order 6 items, we count the item with the lowest value as a free gift!
But there is MORE!
If toi order 5 plus items in the same order, toi will get Another Free Gift! For instance, if toi order 12 items in an order, the 2 items with the lowest values will become your free gifts. If toi order 18 items, the least valued...
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What is the significance of a pendant? A pendant is a decoration and symbolization of the things that a person treasures. A favori past time, a special person, a milestone affair, ou something that describes toi are just a few ideas of pendants to display on a necklace.
Pendants are great gift ideas, acknowledging a friend ou family member’s interests. To consider what kind of pendants toi can give a loved one, here are some ideas of how toi can celebrate some of the things that they treasure most.
Sports pendant: basketball, basket-ball and jewelry might not mix, but with a sports pendant, toi can...
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