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1. Because only Nate can mess with another guys sister.
2. Because that touch was plus than enough.
3. Because here comes Cendrillon and Prince Charming.
4. Because he's her knight in shining armor.
5. Because he definitely smelled her hair.
6. Because it's bound to happen.
7. Because he sees her like no one else.
8. Because she's the light of his life.
9. Because they got the pretty factor down.
10. Because Fairytales got nothin' on theese two.
11. Because Serena? Blair? Who they hell are they?
12. Because he only has eyes for her.
13. Because he doesn't even know her and he still talks about her.
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posted by Ventura
Look at this Jenny&Nate fans -

'And speaking of Humphreys, could Dan be coming around to the idea of Nate (Chace Crawford) getting with Little J (Taylor Momsen)? According to Penn, "He should. Nate's a solid dude."

So, is Dan done thinking that Jenny's too young for Nate? "Probably not," says Penn. "But I personally think that Dan should relax. Dan is too uptight.'

I found this a while il y a , it's posté on May 22, 2009.The interview was take at the fitting green carpet at the CW.

So who knows,we might see then together soon the we expectеd.