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 camille s’embrasser james
camille kissing james
in the new series of big time rush big time plage party, james goes surfing and then when he falls he gets rescued par a pretty girl who he suspects is a mermaid. Camille helps him train to be a mermaid if the pretty girl kisses him. when james was about to Kiss the mermaid he talks to Camille when hes a divisé, split seconde away from s’embrasser the mermaid Camille rushes to them to stop it from happening! Is Camille in l’amour with james? What happend with Logan? Camille is a confusing charecter in this series. could Camille have a secret of her own? commentaire on my article to answer some of these questions and commentaire if toi like my arcticle!

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 camille s’embrasser logan
camille kissing logan
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