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Mandarin is excellent Chinese learning software; it has 4 sections which built-in 2,500 common Chinese words including pronunciation, explanation and sentence.

At the beginning of learning Chinese, do you meet some problems? Such as, what should I do at the first? How to learn Chinese? Easy Mandarin provides the learning methods:Hand writing, pronunciation, difficult points, learn randomly and learn by alphabet.

Hand writing

When the word appears on screen, in the lower writing part, the word appears semitransparent; you can write it there, this help you remember word.


Every word has standard pronunciation. If you are not sure it, just click the pronounce button. The system plays standard pronunciation. You can make record in lower operation part. After read, the system will replay your pronunciation. Besides, it also replays the standard pronunciation. Then you can find the difference between yours and standard one.

Difficult Points

When learn, people always meet some problems. Such as, confused by similar words, can’t remember. This software provides “difficult mark” function. When you can’t remember word, just click” mark”, the system will class it into “difficult points”, in where you need to pay more attention.

Learn Randomly

You can choose the alphabet you want and its word number according to your time and vocabulary. The system will record your operations. If you choose A & C with number of 30, click to begin learning, the system will class it as your first time of learning. In the next time, you can choose the note in your last learning and continue it.

This is primary Chinese learning software; it doesn’t teach you phoneticize and how to pronounce it.

You can conveniently learn Chinese by handwriting & video.

“Mandarin” has 4 sections; this one is the first one, which is the primary material for Chinese learning. The simple and interesting content helps you learn Chinese easily.

To speak Chinese fluently, come and take this one.

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Easy Mandarin Chinese4-2 DOWNLOAD URL:link

 Mandarin is excellent Chinese learning software; it has 4 sections which built-in 2,500 common Chines
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