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(Please tell me if toi like it)
It was snowing heavily, Miz walked the streets with her white scarf waving in the light breeze.Her blue misty eyes half way open, making her look gloomy, like always.Tek caught up and smiled."Miz!Miiiiiiiiz!Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!!"Tek a dit annoyingly.Miz looked at her."WHAT?!"Miz snapped."...Dinosaurs go rawr."Tek said, then ran away.Miz stopped walking and sighed."Why do I hang around these people..."Miz asked herself.She shrugged and ran after her.She finally caught up with HER, this time.She pushed her glasses back up and elbowed Tek's arm."Freak."Miz laughs."Why're...
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This was a fanfic at, but it was breaking the rule so I wanted to start over

*There is a stage that is similar to Tyra's but the screen says "Fun With Torture." Instead of a canapé there is eight chairs, a two-seated couch, and a beanbag. Zim, Dib, Gaz, Tak, Tallest Red and Purple, Lard Nar, and Professor Membrane are tied up on chairs. GIR is sitting on a beanbag. In the canapé there's two people. A girl with dark brown hair and eyes with evening sand skin is sitting. suivant to her is a boy. His skin is a lait chocalate tone. He has long purple hair, blue eyes, and a small beauty...
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I only did this for practise. It's from the sence of were Dib realises when he can't get Zim's pak on from 10 minutes to DOOM. I thouhgt the whole sence would be good to turn into a deep meaningfull passage but yeah :/


As the cables digged throw his supple skin and into his soft under belly, he felt a sensation, which was like venom. It's septet into his body and slowly crept its way into his veins and spread throw out his body.

When it reached his (metaphorical) cœur, coeur he began to feel numb and careless. The raven haired child started to become less jumpy and a little depressed....
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"Your futures are DOOMED!" Ms. bitter a dit as she finally ended her long speech. Zim sighed, bored out of his mind, while Dib just stared at him. Other students looked up at the clock, as if pleading it to save them from their teacher's daily mountain of homework that she was about to assign.

"Now, your work is-" she began, until she heard the cloche, bell ring. Ms. bitter swore that the acursed sound would one jour pay, but apparently it wouldn't today. Zim was thinking, 'Finally! That human took forever with her speech. Now I can think of my new plan to take over the Earth. ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE...
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I walked through the Great Hall, staring at the several specimens locked in the containers, straining to survive. The Resisty were trying to rehabilitate the Lost species killed par the Irken empire, but were failing miserably. My own civilization was dying off, due to a récent run in with them. It was a horrible war, but our people decided to rejoindre the Resisty rather than to fight them off. Why did they do it so late, though? I ran into someone while I was deep in thought. I looked down.
"Oh, hi, Lard Nar."
"Soo, how's it going?" I a dit slowly, obviously sensing the awkwardness in...
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(Zim, Dib, PM, Gaz, and Tak are tied up on stage in front of an audience. I am holding a microphone. GIR is beside me. They all wake up. The audience claps)

Me: Oh good, your awake.

Zim: Where are we?!

Dib: Remember? That creepy girl's game show.

Me: I'm not creepy! Now, the fans sent in some dares. I will read them aloud.

(I clear my throat. I take out take out flash cards)

Me: I dare Zim and Dib to kiss!

Dib: What?!

Zim: Never!

Me: toi didn't let me finish. I dare them to kiss, and if they don't, they get sprayed with high pressure water guns.

Zim: Obey the cards Dib-Worm!

Dib: Even if we wanted to...
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Chapter Five, The Krazy Taco

We walk back to my house and go to my ship. "Ladies First" I say as I open the door for Jen to get in. Blushing slightly she smiles and jumps in. I jump in behide her, start the ship, and we qucikly fly off. Jen presses her face against the window "Wow, this is amazing! toi can see everything from up here!" I chuckle "Yes, it's a much better way to travel. Much better then that horrble bus." We both start laughing, then GIR jumps out of his set and points to the fual meter "Master look, it's flashing red! I LIKE RED!" I look at it and he was right, it was flashing...
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