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We l’amour this dessert. It is perfect for a little afternoon snack ou for a special occasion. It is rich, sweet and healthy.

Sure, really healthy! Ice cream is made from lait and has protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It gives toi an energy boost. It is the perfect pick-me-up when toi are studying and cools toi off in the summer heat.

Ice cream is our favori summer food. And while it is healthy, it should be eaten in moderation. If not, like anything, it can go from being healthy to being unhealthy.

And don't worry if toi can't eat dairy ou sugar. There are ice creams for everyone. Sorbet does not have lait ou dairy in it, and there are special ice creams at the ice cream boutique that come without sugar. So there is no reason not to eat ice cream!

In winter toi can also eat ice cream, but it is not as populaire as in the summer, for sure. In the winter try a scoop of vanilla with a cup of hot chocolat ou ice cream over a hot brownie.
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Ice cream melting and then coming back to life! Makes toi hungry for ice cream!
crème glacée
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