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Hi guys, it's me :) how are toi doing? Sorry I have been away for so long, been busy at work. So, I was now just wondering what's the general mood like. I mean, a few of toi used to come along to read my fic, but are toi still waiting? the story isn't done yet, that's for sure but if toi are not going to read, cause toi all left the spot, well then IDK whether I should post more.

Let me know and however toi decide, Ijust so toi know, I loved this spot to the core, I loved my Friends around here like sisters and I thank them all for all the laughs and wonderful mornings and nights they gave me...
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You thought I was pulling your leg, didn't you? ;)

Chapter 27 Part 2

She had literally fallen into silence.
Not a word during his recount.
Not an interruption.
Not a flinch.
She had just been listening to him, quietly; with such composure on her face that it had looked liked having been carved in marble at times.
But there had been moments as well, just moment when he was talking, in which he had believed to see something into her eyes; something he wasn’t quite sure he liked.
Or could stand.
Just like that night, everything about her made him feel uneasy.
She felt unreachable; with one those...
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Ok, here. Enjoy some more. Posting the last part tomorrow. Then they talk alright? Geez you're making me feel guilty about the filler chap :P But I l’amour you, deeply cause you're just as crazy and madly in l’amour with those two as I am <3 and toi keep reading, which is rewarding enough.

Robert hung to his own threshold slightly open-mouthed for a good couple of seconds.
He eventually got over the initial dismay and shut the door tight wondering all the same though why one hearth madness had set herself into chasing him accueil today. He must have pissed some ancient god…karma stuff…he didn’t...
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And ta-dà! Even part 2 :P Just thought it would be nice for toi taking a break between the two. Hope doesn't sound tiresome...boy I l’amour Robert :P

Hugh wounded his stare down then and hugged the back of his chair. He passed his tongue over his lips, nodding a little “I....I wanted to talk to toi about this...”
Robert strained his ear and stretched out over the table, making himself closer.
Hugh started to drum with his palm on the back of the chair, without looking at him in the eyes “There’s...there’s a good fifty per cent chance...”
He paused and coughed a little nervous laugh,...
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toi can't believe your eyes, can you? ;)



Lisa sighed and went to lift up the cordless.
On the other side, Hugh slid the chemise over his head, quickly.
If she didn’t answer this time, he didn’t know what was left…making an ambush at her house?
Michael leaned backwards on his elbows “You know, toi might as well just tell him that it’s over and toi don’t feel like going anymore….plain and simple” he a dit casually.
Lisa whirled round, holding the phone a little away from her face as she covered...
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suivant one. Listen up guys, if you're lire here, just let me know. Cause I have others who read it too, like just privately, but if noone is interested on this spot anymore...I mean just say it ok? I won't get offended :) So review if toi wish to see how this goes on.


Previously on December/December:

A bunch of secondes later he was making it as fast as he could through the parking lot. He jumped on his bike, casque in his hands already. He paused for a moment, thinking, licking his lips.
He tried one last time.
Still busy.
“Damn it...”
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posted by HuddyRox
Thought the Huddy breakup was devastating? That was nothing compared to today's cœur, coeur break. @LisaEdelstein will not be returning for season 8.

I, just like many of you, am in shock. While I knew something was coming, I hadn't really let myself believe it. But today, the harsh reality has hit us. If toi turn on House MD suivant season, Lisa Edelstein will not appear. While I l’amour the cast/crew, the montrer will not be the same without LE. She is the cœur, coeur of the montrer & there is no one that can fill the void that her departure will create.

That being said, our voices must be heard. I am creating...
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posted by blinkbackatear
Hi guys! I am back with a new but relatively short chapter. I hope toi will enjoy it! And last but certainly not least THANK toi SO MUCH for your comments. I was so happy that toi liked it, and i am honored to have your fantastic reviews.Love toi all.

Robert went back upstairs trying to clear his head and deciding he wouldn’t tell Lisa that he saw everything. Lisa was still in her living-room sobbing uncontrollably. She was devastated. After a while, she gathered all her strength and went to the bathroom to hide away the fact that she had cried. She wondered why Robert hadn’t come down...
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posted by huddycat69
Thanks for your comments, here's the last part.

-I … I must admit that you’re right, Lisa sighs sadly. But Robert has filed for divorce because he loves me, he asks me to marry him last week, and I…

Hugh’s world collapses suddenly. His « enemy » asked her to marry him, and she probably a dit YES because he hadn’t told her that he loves her for seven years now, thinks Hugh heartbroken.

Hugh looks so stunned, so hurt, Lisa doesn’t know what to do. She loves the man since the first time they met, but she never thought ou dared to dream that he would divorce one jour ! That ‘s so insane...
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Hi Sinners! This is a little one-shot for toi all! Hope you´ll like it! Sorry for some écriture mistakes, but english isn´t my first language….hope toi are not pissed off cause I don´t know the names of Lisa´s siblings ou if she has nieces ou nephews…so it´s just a little story to warm up your hearts and try to make toi smile, so I don´t care if it´s a little late maybe but merry christmas an a happy new an to toi all!XD

What a beautiful morning. She woke up and smiled while looking out of the window. The garden was covered with snow and the children try to build a snowman....
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posted by huddysmacked
Do toi even remember this fic? I hope yes. I-m sorry for not updating in a long time, I just had other priorities.

Anyways, if toi do remember the fic but not what happened last time red this again link

So anyways his is the final chapter of this story, I hope toi like it and I hope I get at least a review.

Lisa had gone upstairs to get a shower. She closed her eyes as she felt the water falling in her back. She didn’t know what was going on in Hugh’s life but she knew that getting drunk in that way wasn’t a good sign....
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: I'm really sorry for not posting till today... busy weekend...

What else? Oh I hope toi like this chapter... Thing are gonna get a little complicated since this point on since the flashbacks already ended there will be flashforwards...

But I'm sure your sinning mind will get it!

Please keep reviewing! It's the only thing that gets me through right now

“Hugh, I explained toi exactly what happened last night. We did not Kiss at any point.” She lied.



Lisa heard some mumbled noises, she slowly opened her eyes....
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posted by huddysmacked
So here's part 2 from Truth ou Dare. I hope toi enjoy it. Leave a review (;C And school is starting soon from me so I'll be updating one jour yes one jour no. Just to tell you, so toi don't think I am giving up this fic....again.

Oh and just a little teaser before the chapter: If something doesn't make sense, it's because I was trying to write as a drunk person would XDDD

“Let’s play.” She a dit as she spun the greenish empty wine container.


The bottle spun until it stopped, head to Olivia and toes to Robert. She wiggled...
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So, KIDS time :DDDDD
Oh, I know you'll gonna hate me for... I dunno, 2 days, until this is all settled, but you'll see, it's worth it! XDDDDD
Oh, and thank toi for the reviews, as always :D

Oh, I finished this fanfic, it's in my PC, so toi don't have to worry about me going away for two days,
if nothing, toi should be happy! Cause while I'm away, I write!
And I AM happy to announce I had started my 4th Huli fanfic. :D
You'll be entertained till the season 6 comes out :D
I l’amour toi THAT MUCH!
so, sinners, scroll (XC

“Dad? Where were you?” Becca asked the moment her dad came in, but she didn’t...
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Ok, guys!! I'm updating it!!! :DDDDDDD
Oh, toi won't believe what I have in there for toi XD

See, toi all just need to relax a little bit... Please guys, this is the place where we SQEE and FLAIL about how silly sinners we are cause we know that our ship would probably never be a ship...
And that's what I like about this place!

So please, stop the DRAMA, and start READING!! XDDDD
Love ya, guys :)))))


“Ok” she spoke slowly, trying to process the information she just got hit with
“Lisa?” Hugh was so frightened of her reaction before he told her he met someone, now that she reacted...
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Ok... another flashback guys... I guess I'll have toi tortured for a while (:C
You know, who that mysterious woman is O.o
Well, guess toi won't find out... YET!
Hope toi enjoy this one!

About six months earlier:

He wrapped his arms around her waist, she almost swore.
“You scared me! Don’t ever do that! Where have toi been?” she spoke, breathing shallowly, still in shock. She pulled away from him earning a glare.
“Upstairs, waiting for you” he smiled, but his smile quickly disappeared as he realized Lisa probably went through his divorce papers.
“I thought someone might have barged in...
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Me again!!! God, wasn't Lisa gorgeous in Rome?
I was just so stunned! :O
She must have made quite few fans pass away XDDDD
good thing I wasn't near her, I don't know how would I react! XDDDD
Oh, enjoy this chapter, I l’amour it so much! <3
You'll see why ;)


“So here we are again…” he a dit turning the TV in her bedroom on, naked.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” god, he could drive her crazy!
“Um, nothing… It just got so… I don’t know… routine… We always do it in your house…” he a dit with a serious face and he meant it.
Why in the hell did she always insist on...
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Oops, sorry for the delay! But toi know, this being sick is really annoying!
And another thing,
I won't be here suivant week! Starting from Tuesday... I'm going to Romania/Transylvania! The accueil of Dracula (:C
Sinner, aren't I? xDDDD
So sorry for that too!

Enjoy this chapie! And CJS, I hope I'll get to read your suivant chapter before I go to Romania! Please??
Love ya all :))))

6 months earlier:

“We should do this plus often.” She said, her eyes still trying to adapt to the light too bright for an early morning.
“I couldn’t agree more” he smiled victoriously and leaned above her to Kiss her,...
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Another chapter :))) I'm glad toi liked the précédant one!
Oh, I have nothing else to do except to be at home, sick.
Damn it that stomach flue!!!!!!!
I think someone is punishing me for my sins!
Oh, I have a lot of those! xDDDDDD
Anyway, sin with me,
I don't wanna be alone in hell
it's damn hot there! (:C


“That was quick” Lisa exhaled gathering her things from her dressing room floor.
“That’s why it’s called quickie” Hugh grinned.
“Yeah… I think I’ll have to get my hair done again…” she giggled, her hair was a mess. She was a mess. But it was worth it.
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posted by huddyforever
Sorry this one sucks so bad:( The suivant one will be better I promise!

Once back at Lisa’s house Hugh carried his backpack full of stuff in and Lisa took the liberty of finishing putting Hugh’s groceries away. Hugh sat at the cuisine table, tableau drinking his coffee, as did Lisa. They just stared out the window. “You have a patio?” He asked randomly. “Yeah.” She said. “I never noticed.” He a dit getting up and walking out. She also had an in-ground pool with some lawn chairs and a hot tub. “This is nice!” He a dit as he sat in one of the chairs that was suivant to the pool. She sat in...
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