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    A half heure later, the press had been ushered from the building, security was posté outside the entrances to prevent their re-entry, and the party had started. The lights dimmed over the ballroom and a spontaneous cheer went up as David went up to the microphone to make his traditional speech. Lisa took a step back, expecting to lean against the mur and listen while she nursed her mineral water, but landed instead against a very large and well-dressed body.
    “Careful,” Hugh’s voice came low in her ear and her entire body flushed. “You...
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A note from the author: I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to write for such wonderful... kind... understanding people as toi all are. I bow to you.
    “Jesus, Lisa!” He burst out, sitting straight up in bed. “I am fully aware of what I am! Do toi honestly think that I would be doing this—saying these things—if I had a choice? I’ve tried to stay away from you. I’ve tried to stay angry with you—I’ve even tried to ignore you, and toi just won’t go out of my mind.” He breathed hard, laying back down. He could hear Lisa’s breath grow...
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Video Huddy, Spoilers saison 7 et 6. Les personnages sont la propriété de la série Dr House. Enjoy =)
lisa edelstein
Hugh Laurie
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I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. plus are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether toi truly like this chapter, I am kinda Lost here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do toi really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do toi really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand...
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I'm lazy so I won't post the previously if toi don't mind...I bet toi remember, and now shall I go swimming? Shall I?! I'll post the suivant one like on Sunday I hope, but geez guys, when all this anxiouness started?! :P Come on...tension never killed anyone :D
LOL, sorry, I know, I'm evil. Hope toi like it!

She was surprised herself at how long she was managing to hold his stare this time. It wasn’t like her being this good. She had never been with him. She might have been fooling herself for the latest years but the truth was every time he did it, every time he looked at her the way he was doing...
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Hello everybody! I am back with a loooooong chapter, I am sorry that I just updated now, but I didn't really have time for writing. Hope toi will like this! Hugs and kisses ;-) (L)

2 months later

-    Hey, honey!
-    Yes? – Hugh looked up from an American tabloid.
-    I thought about going to the theatre tonight… what do toi think?
-    Ok… sure but toi don’t have to ask me for permission, toi know – he a dit absentmindedly.
-    For permission??? Hugh, I want to go with you! It was an...
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Thanks for your comments, here's the last part.

-I … I must admit that you’re right, Lisa sighs sadly. But Robert has filed for divorce because he loves me, he asks me to marry him last week, and I…

Hugh’s world collapses suddenly. His « enemy » asked her to marry him, and she probably a dit YES because he hadn’t told her that he loves her for seven years now, thinks Hugh heartbroken.

Hugh looks so stunned, so hurt, Lisa doesn’t know what to do. She loves the man since the first time they met, but she never thought ou dared to dream that he would divorce one jour ! That ‘s so insane...
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New chapter ready :) Don't ask me how I managed XD...I am studying like crazy but somehow these two keep haunting my dreams. I guess this pathology has a name...obses-sth. Don't get used to it either, though XD Two chapters in two days it's a one of a kind experience :P
This time I REALLY need to thank Belle 'cause she is truly an angel. I had messed up the tenses in a paragraph (bloody Italian...) and she sorted them out for me. Hope I'll deliver the suivant chapter to toi suivant week ;)

Finally, it was over.
Maybe it hadn’t been one of the longest night of his life, but certainly it could fairly...
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posted by tabbyhearts
Summary:Title says it all.
Pairing: Hugh/Lisa
Rating: K

Dedicated to Alwine and Inês.
- - -
Cameras flash.
Lights shine.
People shout.
Heels click.
And then, it rests;
Until suivant year.
This an is no different,
Yet somehow, it is.

They step from the car;
Looking ready for a night,
All about them;
A celebration.
His arm goes around her waist,
And hers around his;
Nothing questionable there.
They are friends, are they not?

They get stopped par interviewers,
And for a while,
The two of them can share a laugh;
About life, about the montrer they love,
But they know it’s coming.
And it does.

“So how has...
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My eyes are held captive to watch her every déplacer
Her beauty came into my world filled with pain
Her l’amour has touched and awaken the desire inside
As my cœur, coeur begins to hear its musique again

The beauty I have found in this woman
The beauty that lies within her eyes
The pathway that leads to her heart
The place where her l’amour resides

Tender hands holding each other
Strong arms holding toi warm and tight
Lips that gently Kiss the pain away
l’amour that takes toi through the jour and night

To the l’amour of my life
The purpose of my life finally came
Your l’amour washes over me and completes me
My spirit sings at the sound of your name

I was born to hold you
I was born to Kiss you
I was born to l’amour you
toi were born to be mine
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I think maybe this has a PG13 rating. Just a couple of parts that are a little sexual. actually, it is a lot sexual.

Hugh didn't sleep much that night. All he could think about was her. He kissed her softly and slid quietly out of the bed.

He made some coffee, got a cup, and headed out to the balcony.

As he sat on the balcony that night he had been searching inside himself for the words to tell her...

"Words", were so hard for him.

"He wanted to tell her how much she had changed his life."

That was one thing about acting, "there was always a script."

Hugh had found such a connection with the character...
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