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Well, toi know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on Youtube
slow motion
Hugh Laurie
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most adorable dance in the beginning.. XD
Hugh Laurie
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Do toi even remember this fic? I hope yes. I-m sorry for not updating in a long time, I just had other priorities.

Anyways, if toi do remember the fic but not what happened last time red this again link

So anyways his is the final chapter of this story, I hope toi like it and I hope I get at least a review.

Lisa had gone upstairs to get a shower. She closed her eyes as she felt the water falling in her back. She didn’t know what was going on in Hugh’s life but she knew that getting drunk in that way wasn’t a good sign....
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Guys.. I've been so sick this days.. And I have absolutely no will to write.... And besides.. There's so many Huli FF here, I think I bored toi to death :P
Anyway.. I decided I'll shrink my fic, because I don't want to be a pain in the cul, ass anymore....
You're getting two plus chapters after this one, and that's it...
I hope toi enjoyed lire it, as much as toi could, anyway.
Love toi all

Chapter 23: accueil

A week later

“Hey there little one” Hugh smiled at the baby girl he was holding. He couldn't believe that he was there. That he had had the courage to come accueil and be with his family. He...
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