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Previously, on Just Friends...

    Hugh shook his head sharply, looking closely at his wife. She was avoiding his gaze. And suddenly, he knew. They were talking about two entirely different things.
    “Why don’t toi start from the beginning?” He asked gently, inwardly bracing himself. Jo nodded, to all intents and purposes looking as calm as ever. Only Hugh knew, from unfortunate experience, that it was all a show. She was panicked. She spoke.
    “I met someone.”

    “Um—” Hugh gaped at her, his mind...
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    “Lisa!” Hugh gasped, putting his hands on her waist and pulling back even as the sounds of cameras being reset and the directors calling for them began to float over from behind the wall. “Ok. Do not do that again.” Her eyes were shocked as she looked at him. “I’m serious. Unless toi want me to haul toi over my shoulder and take toi back to my trailer, whether people are watching ou not… stop it.”
    Lisa blinked slowly at him and then smiled flirtatiously, grabbing his arm and pushing him back out toward the hallway. “Come on, Hugh....
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