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posted by Rainbowtalia
Just makeing this one-shot for the fun of it. Dont judge. ou Russia and I will find toi and eat your soul. Thats prittey much it.................................. SO DEAL WITH IT

Warnings: Mabie some mild language, Odd pairing.... And for all toi lawers out there who spend your time looking for disclamers on every fanfiction in the webernetz, i do not own Hetalia

The Prussian muttered to himself, paceing the room- Wait, no make that basement. "How dare they ignore the awesome me! Who do they think i am! I AM THE AWESOME ME!!!" He ranted to himself, makeing...
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posted by Hanna_Hetalia
Italy: "Marukaite chikyuu, Marukaite chikyuu, Ma--"


Germany: " --u ore wa Doitsu! Ma--"

"Aa! UESUTO jyan!"

Japan: "-- Hyotto shite chikyuu, Nihon-"

France: "-- ore Furansu! Marukaite chikyu--"

America: "-- me mo suupaa saizu! Ame--"

England: "-- Hyotto shite chikyuu? Ore Igi--"

"Nanka sugee tanoshisou da na! Yoshi, ore mo iccho yatte mikka!"


Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu

Minna tsuite koi

Ore-sama da ze!


Marukaite kotori

Itsu no ma ni kotori

Atama no ie de piyopiyo kawaiin da ze!

Ore kaite chikyuu

Ore! Sama!

Hyotto suru mo shinakute mo

Puroisen da ze

Aa piyuotteru...
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posted by Hanna_Hetalia
Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt ihr meine Farben?
Die Fahne schwebt mir weiß und schwarz voran;
daß für die Freiheit meine Väter starben,
das deuten, merkt es, meine Farben an.
Wie werd ich bang verzagen,
wie jene will ich's wagen;

Sei's trüber Tag, sei's heitrer Sonnenschein,
ich bin ein Preuße, will ein Preuße sein.

Mit Lieb und Treue nah ich mich dem
von welchem mild zu mir ein Vater spricht;
und wie der Vater treu mit seinem Sohne,
so steh ich treu mit ihm und wanke nicht;
Fest sind der Liebe Bande,
Heil meinem Vaterlande!
Des Königs Ruf dring in das Herz mir ein:
Ich bin ein Preuße,...
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posted by Boomerxbubbles
"(name)! Hey!" An Albino came running to the the (h/c), kicking the winter snow along the way.Kersunk! was the noise of the snow when Gilbert had pounced on you.As toi both fell,Gilbert did his famous laugh"Kessessesse!~" "Ngh!! Will toi please get off me! There starting to stare..." "Kesse~awww fine...buut..." "but wha-GIL!?!?" Gilbert had already picked toi up bridel-style"Kesse!~But we're coming home!" The younger kids stared at then while the elders snickerd saying commen things like"Go get 'em sunny!" ou "Watch out honey, he looks like a ruff one!". "W-Whua!?!?" Gilbert ran off with you...
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I am a Prussian, toi know my colors?
The flag floats white and black progress;
that died for the freedom of my fathers,
the point, it notes on my colors.
How shall I despair, bang
like that i will risk it;

Let's dull jour was,'s cheerful sunshine,
I am a Prussian, wants to be a Prussian.

With l’amour and loyalty I the
of which mild to me says a father;
and how the faithful father to his son,
I stand true to him and not be moved;
Celebration of the bonds of love,
Healing my country!
The king's call penetrates into the cœur, coeur of me:
I am a Prussian, wants to be a Prussian.

Not every jour can glow in the sunlight;
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