Hermione Vs Bella Stop using our names !!!

Hermione12353 posted on Oct 25, 2012 at 07:13PM

Dear Twilight,

Our Charlie works with dragons - your's is a bad parent.
Our Bella was a psychotic fighter - your's couldnt fight her way out of a paper bag.
Our James was a Marauder - Your's was a creepy guy.
Our Blacks are a complicated ancient family warring between them over the rights of good and evil - your's are two idiots who think they know everything.
Our Robert Pattinson is good, loyal, man who died fighting Voldemort - your's sparkled in the sun.
Our werewolf died trying to create a better world for his son to live in - your's fought over a girl who was already taken and then fell in love with her daughter.

Sincerely,A harry potter fan who wants you to stop using our names

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