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 Hermione Granger
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Credit to: KitKatLex for when I first saw this picture on an answer of hers.
Harry Potter
deathly hallows
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This Harry Potter vs Twilight photo contains robe de dîner, formel, robe de soirée, and formelle. There might also be robe de cocktail, gaine, robe, and robe de thé.

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Not for young eyes...
Harry Potter
Drago Malfoy
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People keep on saying that Bella has no flaws. What about being clumsy? They also say that she's codependent, and she's anti-feminist. Aren't those flaws?

I just don't get why people say that Bella has no flaws, yet at the same time, they point out her flaws.

Also, they say that the Twilight livres have no plot. Please tell me why they have no plot.

Twilight: Bella meets Edward. They fall in l’amour and Bella meets the parents. James smells Bella and wants to kill her. Edward eventually kills Bella and reverses the vampire transformation.

New Moon: Edward leaves Bella. Jacob is apparently a werewolf....
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