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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
Weird I totally remember making the chorus something different ..>
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
Happy birthday Julie Walters :L
lol, best, I never used to either but then I couldn't write properly if I think of something then don't write it down so I can look back at notes later when writing. Handy, really xD
il y a plus d’un an jodarchy said…
also i found out today that not only does dame maggie smith voice a character in gnomeo and juliet but julie walters does as well, thats so much win, dolly parton also voices a character
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il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
I also have a poem I wrote about Abigail Williams that I really like =] (If i write something I really like i try to keep it where i know itll be)
il y a plus d’un an MrsPadfoot said…
I really liked this idea at first, but now... not so much. Maybe I'll pick it back up someday?

Her black hair flying behind her, a girl sprinted thought the forest. She was dressed for battle and was fully armed. Her quiver was on her back, full of arrows and a bow. Her sword was at her hip and a knife was strapped to her shin underneath her tough jeans. Her electric blue eyes darted from left to right, searching for evidence of pursuer. She turned around just as an arrow flew past her head. Instinctively, she reached for her bow, but it was too late. A second arrow was shot, this time lower. She collapsed as it pierced her right thigh.
Hours later, she awoke in a dark cave. Her blue eyes met beautiful emerald orbs. Before her stood a tall boy, his black hair hanging in his eyes and falling past his soldiers. His pale skin seemed to glow in the moon light, and his silver blade gleamed at his hip. He smiled a smile so radiant, the girl couldn’t help but stare. He was absolutely beautiful. She watched as he brushed his hair out of his eyes, allowing her ful view of his gorgeous orbs. After realizing it was probably him that shot her, she snapped out of her daze, and reached for her sword. It wasn’t there. She grabbed for her bow, only to find that it was gone, as well. There she was, in a cave, unarmed, with a strange man. And he was armed! She was helpless.
It was then she remembered her knife. She didn’t need to check that it was there, for she could feel it. She stretched down, and carefully removed it from her leg, ignoring the pain in her opposite thigh. She struggled to stand and attack him. She had just reached her feet, when he gently pushed her back down. He smiled, and unsheathed his sword. The girl was positive that she was about to die. Was there anyway around it? She couldn’t fight without a weapon; her hands were no good against a nice sharp silver sword. But he didn’t run at her, or even step closer. She sighed in relief as his sword clattered to the cave floor.
“I won’t hurt you, I swear. May I ask who you are?” He took a step forward, but no farther.
Lying on the ground, she felt so inferior. “Diana Black, who are you?” her tone was quiet, yet harsh.
“I am Benjamin Gregory, third son of Lord Ruben Gregory the fifth. I do believe that Diana Black is the name of our beloved king’s youngest daughter, am I correct?” He looked at her with intensity, masking his curiosity.
“If you turn me in, you shall regret it until the day you die, which won’t be too far away,” she growled, clutching her knife tightly.
“Oh, yes. Running away, are we?” he smirked.
“Nobles,” she scoffed, “You always think you’re better than every one else, as if you’re the king’s best friend. Newsflash, you’re not. Father doesn’t have friends. He has enemies, servants, and subjects.”
“You speak of him as if you despise him,” he stated.
“Oh, no!” she said, “Why would I despise the man who just sits around getting fat and ordering around innocent people when cities are fighting and our neighboring lands are threatening war? I truly love how he never spends time with my siblings and I, and how he thinks more of the turkey at the feast than his children! It makes me feel so special and adored!” Her dangerously quiet tone had turned deeply sarcastic.
“I apologize, I did not mean to bring up a sore subject,” Benjamin scowled at his own ignorance, staring deep into the fire.
“No, no, it’s okay, really. No need to apologize. What are you doing out here in the middle of the woods?” Diana gazed into the flames, as well, flicking a dry leaf in. She watched it burn while waiting for his answer.
“I guess I’m running away, too. I was supposed to be on a hunting trip, but I keep telling myself there’s no point in going back. I’ve been out here a week longer than planned,” he looked down, his shaggy black hair covering his green eyes.
“No search party?”
“Not yet,” he smiled, “What about you? Surely someone would notice the princess is missing, maybe your maid or someone, and report it to the king, or queen. Truthfully, will anyone notice you’re gone?”
Diana sighed heavily, “No, I hardly use my maid, and Father does not care. Mother, well, I suppose the news is not out yet, is it? Mother passed, three days ago.”
“I am sorry for your loss. Were you close to her?”
“No, I was not close to any one in the palace. Except for my horse, who is still in her stable. I wish to return for her soon. What about your steed?”
“My horse, Tyrant, is just outside this cave. He’s solid black, and the fastest horse in the kingdom!” he smiled, pride dripping from his voice.
“Oh, really? I bet my Decorus could leave him in the dust. Besides, she is thrice as beautiful as him, for her coat is pure white,” Diana smiled.
“It’s Latin, for beautiful. My eldest sister thought it was stupid, but her mare is named Gloria. Honestly, who names a horse Gloria? My brother, Prince Bowen, has a beautiful horse called Travis. My mother’s horse was the most beautiful horse, with a wonderful chestnut coat. She called him Firelight,” Diana sighed, her eyes fluttering shut. Before Benjamin Gregory could reply, the young princess has fallen asleep again.
Benjamin sighed. He really hoped she would heal quickly and be on her way. The last thing he needed was a princess on his quest. You see, he had lied to Diana. In truth, he hadn’t ran away. Well, he had, but not because he didn’t like the place. No, he had left his father’s small castle in search of the Sacred Heart. All his life, he had been told the stories of knights and peasants looking for the exact same thing. Not one of them had succeeded, but he hoped to change that.
Long ago, a prophecy was made to the fourth king. It told of a babe to be born in the city of Nightshade, and warned the king that this child would be a danger to his descendant’s throne. This one would rule the nation, and strike fear into the presence of their enemies. He was to be gifted with strength and cursed with fury. The prophecy gave only two signs for those in search of the child. The first was the face that the young one was to have unsettling eyes. Second, he was to be scarred long before knowing his true identity. This child was to be the Sacred Heart.
Over the centuries, many had searched for him, hoping for great rewards from the king. Seventy four years before Benjamin’s own birth, another prophecy was made. She was to be bound to her savior, the one who would rescue her from capture and certain death. This was the first time the Sacred Heart was spoken of as a maiden, which surprised many. The children of prophecies were always male, until now.
Drifting off to sleep, Benjamin decided that when she was completely healed, they should part ways. Little did he know, he would remember this girl as much more than some runaway he had helped.


When dawn arrived, Benjamin woke to the distinct sound of a sword being drawn from its sheath. Frightened and suddenly alert, boy jumped to his feet, and reached for his sword. When his right hand reached his opposite hip, his fist enclosed on empty air. Now frantic, he whirled around in search of his beloved blade. It was no where to be found. Finally, his eye landed on the beautiful weapon, in the hands of a black haired girl. At first, he thought it was his younger sister, as the thief’s hair was braided over her shoulder in the exact same way, but then he caught sight of her eyes. Those did not belong to his sister. They were the brightest electric blue, and were set fire with ferocity and humor? The girl was surely more beautiful than his little sister. She possessed a certain wild look about her, as if she was raised in the forest. His own sword was gripped in her right fist, and unlike most women, she was not awkward behind a blade bigger than a dagger.
Suddenly, last night came rushing back to him. That was not a wild girl. That was someone he did not want to mess with. It was the one and only Princess Diana Black. All it took was one whiny request to Daddy, and Benjamin Gregory’s head would be gone. Fortunately for him, she despised her father with a burning passion.
“I’ll make you a deal,” the young princess lowered the sword, “Return to me my bow and blade, and I shall give you back your weapon. Pity that you take such little care of it. It is a beautiful sword, but I prefer my own blade.”
“You have a deal,” he replied, striding across the cave. When he reached the opposite wall, he pulled free a rock that was wedged into a hole in the cave wall. Inside, there was enough room for a sheathed sword and a quiver full of arrows.
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
I'm off to see Gnomeo and Juliet tomorrow! :D

Post your poem Ally!
il y a plus d’un an jodarchy said…
im trying to find time to see it lol but between college and here its kinda hard lol, but i will see it soon or i will have to wait for dvd release lol
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
"Abby's Abyss"

Where did my life go?
My love is gone,
I am too.

I was being clever,
or so I thought.
Nothing left now.

I must go,
away from everyone,
myself included.

Mostly him,
well, especially him.
Thought he was my love.

But that dream is dead,
like his body hanging,
cold on the gallows.

How did I get here?
I didn't want him dead.
Why would anyone?

Dance, blood, dance,
I tell myself that
it's all we did.

Did I do this?
No, can't blame me,
a girl mad in love.

This story's been told,
a million and one times.
Love isn't easy.

Romeo and Juliet,
death can happen,
secrets are told.

Sure I stole
Uncle's money to survive,
I'm still a murder.

Sin drags me,
a black abyss
waiting under my feet.

Before I run,
I say my last words,
leaving my hallow shell.

(fun fact, about a year after I wrote this, I played Abigail Williams in my drama club's fall play)
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
Gnomeo and Juliet is a win xD
lol muchas xD
Mrs P that's really good, and I'm not just saying that xD
Ally, that song is EPIC.
il y a plus d’un an jodarchy said…
yes it has dame maggie smith julie walters patrick stewart and dolly parton i was reticent to go watch it but now i definatley am
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
Hehe, thanks ^_^ I wrote that like over 3 years ago, hard to believe the series has been over so long! :(
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
MrsPadfoot, you should totally write more!

Ally, that poem is good! I can't write poetry to save my life -_-
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
I'm gonna cry when it ends. :'( It's been a part of my childhood and as I've grown as it's progressed. I'm gonna miss it :'(
il y a plus d’un an TempBest said…
Mrs P, that's awesome!!!!! Have you written more?? Can I read it, if you have? Please??
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
I am only good sometimes :) I just have to write as it comes to me.
Here's a really short story I wrote for class last year too (I got a 100% even though it was a page too short! :D):

"Her Name was Death"

The sky was dark and heavy with clouds. Moist air blew past her in the cool breeze.
The beautiful blonde girl, no more than six years old, was at the top of the slide, waiting. Her meticulously detailed red dress with black trim, somehow not torn and never muddy, despite it being the only thing she could ever wear. No one ever noticed though, because no one ever saw her until the end.
Her name was Death.
Death sat alone on the top of the slide for hours everyday. She grinned sadly, watching the happy children play, proud parents watching them. All she wished was to know what that was like. But she had no life, playmates, or family.
Suddenly, the alarm on her watch beeped. The little girl was never taught how to tell the time but she knew what it was time to do. As she went down the slide, her golden pigtails flew wildly behind her and the top hat that was way too big for her slid down over her eyes. Once she grabbed her pink Hello Kitty back pack, she was ready to go.
The walk was short and gloomy, her blue eyes never leaving the cement path in front of her. Soon the destination was in sight. When you are dead you can walk anywhere in the world in only a matter of minutes.
No one could see the oddly dressed little girl walking into the hospital.
No one saw her looking at the directory.
No one could see the tears in her eyes when she saw where she had to go.
No one could see her now, but soon someone would.
Her eyes blurred as she walked. Walked until she walked right into the door to where she was headed.
The maternity ward: The saddest, absolute most awful place to be called to when your job is Death.
Anyone walking by could tell from the unnatural, haunting sound of a grown man sobbing, that something completely horrible had just happened. Whether it was a wife lost or a child lost, death was never ever welcome here.
The littler girl stood in the door way, a nightmarish scene unfolding in front of her. You could hear the ringing of a flat-line in the room. There was a nurse, wrapping up a limp, lifeless baby, a concerned doctor, attempting to comfort a small crying child no older than herself.
The worst here was the sight of the man crying over his lost wife. He lost both a child he had not even had yet and the one he loved.
Regretfully, Death knew she had to go take their spirits away for good. She placed her palms on the heads of the mother and her child, releasing their souls for good.
The translucent woman, now standing next to the bed where her body lay, looked confused and devastated. Only know did she see and notice the beautiful little girl standing before her, looking upon her with large, blue, sad eyes.
Frowning, Death took hold of the mother's hand. She hated this job, seeing adults die was one thing, but having to take newborn babies or little kids with her was horrible. People should not have to die before they know the world, or even life.
Death looked up at the mother through her blonde lashes, pushing her oversized, black top hat over her brows.
“It's time for you to go now.”
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
Thats really good Ally! :)
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
That's awesome, Ally! :D
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
Thanks! ^_^ I just wish I was always this good at writing! Normally I'm AWFUL
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
I always start stories but I can never finish one :(
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
I only did it for a class assignment, thats only when I m ever good
il y a plus d’un an TempBest said…
That's a beautiful story, Ally!
il y a plus d’un an MrsPadfoot said…
PotatoQueen, me too. Page 3 must be a curse for me. I really want to publish but I can never put all I want down. My favorite thing about writing is naming the characters. Except for when you can't find a proper name for one last fellow. >:(
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
Well, it's 00:07am where I am, and I have to be up early in the morning so nighty night people!
Don't add too many pages while I'm asleep :L

EDIT: Oh I love naming my characters, MrsP, I have a whole list of character names that I've never used
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il y a plus d’un an MrsPadfoot said…
Owl City is what I listen to most of the time when I write. Inspiration just radiates from his songs. (in my opinion)
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
meh not sure what I'm like with writing, I can't judge my own writing because it's too biased but I get embarrassed when others read it xD
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
Owl City's alright I guess =]
My current favorite band is Dear Zim, it's one of those little ones from the Berekly College of Music
il y a plus d’un an MrsPadfoot said…
Me too. I worked up the courage to show my story to two of my friends today. I kept watching them the entire time.
il y a plus d’un an Italktosnakes said…
big smile
My favourite band is probably Two Door Cinema Club when writing. I love them :) x
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
when I write... well I guess I block off the entire real world and just get sucked into the fantasy of the one I make up. Writing's something that lets me escape and just get drawn into the dtory, able to twist or tweak anything you want to, the possibility of taking the world into your hands and changing it, creating people you love, hate, and destroy. I once got bored so stuck little notes on sticky labels and stuck them on my desk. One says "Writing is a passion, a fiery love of something you can use to create, destroy, and dream. Escape to the better world of writing."

sorry, I'm rambling, ignore me. xD
il y a plus d’un an TempBest said…
'Ear 'ear Vamp! :)
il y a plus d’un an emilyroxx said…
I agree. I do my best writing when I'm spaced out. Weirdly enough, I get my best ideas in the shower.
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
il y a plus d’un an TempBest said…
Lol, really?

I don't even know when I get my best ideas... One second everything's normal and next second I have an idea lol :P
il y a plus d’un an 1-2vampire said…
lol muchas xD
il y a plus d’un an xDark_Angelx said…
Hola muchachas, amigas, etc. XD
il y a plus d’un an TempBest said…
G'night guys *hugs*
il y a plus d’un an xDark_Angelx said…
Night! :D

Gah, I gotta go, too. Night...again!
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
il y a plus d’un an AllyAM said…
WOAH no one's posted on here in nearly and hour!
il y a plus d’un an GoldnSnitch_96 said…
Hey, sup ppl? Wher do u ppl live? coz u seem to be posting while ur asleep =/.
il y a plus d’un an lucius_malloy said…
um, snitch? do you think you'd mind writing normally? cause that makes you look really ignorant.
and I live in FINLAAAND<3
il y a plus d’un an GoldnSnitch_96 said…
I'm sorry, I'm not ignorant, I'm just lazy :P. Finland, hmm, wats the time there?
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
I live in England.
*yawns* I just got up :)
il y a plus d’un an GoldnSnitch_96 said…
Well, this sucks, when i go to bed, im gonna miss everything!!! :'(
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
Haha I post when I should be in bed asleep :L

It's 8:30am here, what time is it for everyone else?
il y a plus d’un an Italktosnakes said…
Half Past Eight :) x
il y a plus d’un an ThePotatoQueen said…
Accio you live in England, right? :)
il y a plus d’un an Gred_and_Forge said…
10:34 pm here x]

Hey guys.
il y a plus d’un an GoldnSnitch_96 said…
Who is Accio? Half past 8? where?
il y a plus d’un an Italktosnakes said…
I'm Accio :)
Old username, blah blah BLAHHH
And yeps, I live in Blighty :) x