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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. JK Rowling does and I don't own the song Lifehouse does, It is what it is!

A/N: It took a an to write this so I hope toi enjoy this. Also it is long but I couldn’t cut it out. I know it is suppose to be short but I don’t know the meaning to short Harmony fan Songs. Some scenes were from my own creation. I felt it was right! :)

'I was only looking for a shortcut home'

I can only hear her sobbing as I walk away. Her cries made my cœur, coeur sink. I knew I shouldn't have a dit goodbye but I had to see her one last time before I died. I walk into the forbidden...
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Philosophers Stone
"Harry Potter," a dit Harry.
"Are toi really?" a dit Hermione. "I know all about you, of course -- I got a few extra livres for background reading, and you're in Modern Magical History and The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century."
"Am I?" a dit Harry, feeling dazed.

But Hermione had donné Harry something else to think about as he climbed back into bed.
As they jostled their way through a crowd of confused Hufflepuffs, Harry suddenly grabbed Ron's arm.
"I've just thought -- Hermione."
"What about her?"
"She doesn't know about the troll."

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