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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. JK Rowling does and I don't own the song Lifehouse does, It is what it is!

A/N: It took a an to write this so I hope toi enjoy this. Also it is long but I couldn’t cut it out. I know it is suppose to be short but I don’t know the meaning to short Harmony fan Songs. Some scenes were from my own creation. I felt it was right! :)

'I was only looking for a shortcut home'

I can only hear her sobbing as I walk away. Her cries made my cœur, coeur sink. I knew I shouldn't have a dit goodbye but I had to see her one last time before I died. I walk into the forbidden...
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Hermione POV

Ron left three weeks ago. It's only been Harry and I, in this tent, on the run, for that long now. I used to think I was in l’amour with Ron. His absence made me realize, that I was mistaken. If I really loved him, it would be him that filled my thoughts before I fell asleep at night. But it wasn't his face I saw just before I sleep. It's Harrys'. And in my dreams, when I'm in a world I can only wish to be a part of, I'm with Harry. Not like I'm with him now though. Now, we're only friends. In my dreams, we're something more.

Harry fell asleep on the canapé about a half heure ago. I've...
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