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 Enjoy the day, no matter your age.
Enjoy the day, no matter your age.
This article presents a chronological view of fanpop User Birthdays for easy reference, and was last edited on 10 July 2009. For the most part, this liste was collated from link and, plus recently, from link. If toi wish to be added to this list, please respond to one of those threads.

* 3 January: link
* 5 January: link
* 8 January: link
* 9 January: link
* 14 January: link
* 15 January: link
* 16 January: link
* 17 January: link
* 20 January: link, link, link
* 21 January: link
* 22 January: link
* 23 January: link
* 24 January: link
* 25 January: link, link
* 27 January: link, link
* 29 January: link...
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Happy birthday, Alex aka XYZ01ABC10! 🎂🍰 ♥️LY M8!♥️
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