Les Contes de Grimm My fan fic chapter 2

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Dreaming a bad dream Chapter 2
*knock*knock* "Minnie , are okay?",
Junior said in a lazy but worried tone.
"Hyi", said as she rose from her bed in point blank seconds. She had been startled by her brother's sudden, late-night visit.
"Y-yes, brother dearest. Thou dost not needeth to concern thyself with mine well being."She had to lie; she didn't want to worry him with silly nightmares. He had bigger things to worry about.
"...." Silence filled the air between them. Minnie thought he had retired to his room; to lose himself in silly dreams again.
"B-brother?" She said to make sure he was no longer at the hall way.
"I'm coming in, Minnie." Junior said bluntly. She was wrong; her external responses cause him to be more concered.
"Wha-", Junior opened the door and made sure the door didn't emit any sounds that would echo in the silent halls. He quietly menuvered his way towards his sister's bedside. There was flesh over his bones, Minnie could tell that was a sign on her brothers genuine concern . 
"Brother", she began to say," what in the name of heaven dost thy think ye is doing?"Her words-she didn't meant for them to sound suspicious or harsh.
"Please , don't waste another second here, when thou could be drifting into deep sleep in thy chambers." Ah, there she goes again.
"Minnie",he narrow his eyes towards her," what's wrong, did something happen that I should be nowing about?" He was ignoring what Minnie had said to him.
She was trying so hard to hold back the tears, the scenery of her nightmare still lingered in her brain. 
Her face started to twist in agony.
"Minnie, whatever it is , I'll never be mad at you. Never."
She embraced him suddenly. Her tears were, once again, rushing out of her eyes.
"That is not what I'm grieving about, brother."She hugged him tighter and clinched her hand.
"I had a bad dream. A dream where
we were in the middle of nothing but darkness."
"Well, that doesn't sound to bad for me."He said as he pulled away from their hug. He was now starring into Minnie's eyes with a sly smile. He brushed the tears away.
"No, brother, that isn't the predicament. Thou were leaving me ,nevertheless , I ran after ye. Mine efforts to keep the from leaving me were fruitless attempts. Thou kept getting farther away, and ...(sob)...(sob)...y-you", Minnie's heart and tears started to pour all at once. 
Her walls were finally broken.
                    TO BE CONTINUED...

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