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Phoenix- a car manufactured par Pontiac

Trident (that Poseidon carries)- a brand of gum

Titan- a model of full-sized trucks manufactured par Nissan

Trojan- a brand of condoms

Hermes- Hermes bags/purses. Hermes is also the logo of FTD flowers

Atlas- Atlas, a book of maps

Ajax- Ajax, the populaire household cleanser

Apollo- a car manufactured par Buick
Versace- the logo for Versace is actually a representation of Medusa

Olympus- company that manufactures cameras

Starbuck's- the logo of Starbuck's is a Siren

Dove soap- colombe soap was inspired par Aphrodite's symbol the dove, and Aphrodite was the goddess...
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Taken from A Pride of Princesses, par Shirley Climo.

Once upon a time, so the mythmakers said, there lived a Greek king who had three daughters. The oldest princess was very pretty. The seconde princess was quite charming. The youngest princess, whose name was Psyche, was so lovely that even the fleurs turned their heads to look at her.

Praise for Psyche's beauty spread throughout Greece and soon reached the ears of the gods and goddesses who dwelled high on Mount Olympus.
"Ridiculous!" scoffed the goddess Aphrodite. "This princess is only a girl. I am the Goddess of Beauty."

Aphrodite pushed aside...
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