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posted by emmagossipgirl7
1: chuck's uncle jack return for a longer time.

2: guest montrer of chuck's signature scarf from season 1.

3: blair to realise she doesnt want louis she wants chuck

4: chair reuinion

5: serena and nate together.

6: serena and nate baby.

7: dan to leave blair alone and déplacer on (No plus dair please i beg)

8: charlie and georgina to scheam together.

9: another nice moment between chuck and jack (like the end of shattered basse, bass was a beautiful moment)

10: plus chuck and serena brother sister moments.

11: jenny as her normal sweet self. (I know she will only be guest starring)

12: jenny and eric brother sister...
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posted by GGLover_1
A/N: salut guys I'm sorry i have been away for so long, but i hated when i don't get internet reception for weeks, and then all of a sudden she comes back. Here's my new fan fiction about Chair. And to those who read my other's I'll be updating them soon. Thanks and I hope toi like it.

Summary: Blair Waldorf is a young, beautiful, 18 an old, dark haired girl who was raised in California par her New Yorker parents. As a little girl she used to visit her grandparents in the Upper East Side, and she remembered having Friends there. Now she graduated from high school and went to college, Yale, only...
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 Gossip Girl Season 1
Gossip Girl Season 1
The following is my review of Gossip Girl Season One, I will be posting a seconde part for Season 2 once Season 2 finishes! hope toi like it, make sure to commentaires and leave your thoughts!


I've loved Gossip Girl right from go and i've been totally obsessed with it from the moment Kristen cloche, bell said, "You Know toi l’amour Me" for the very first time. I've even found myself écriture fan fiction as i've always had a burning passion for écriture movie scripts, so combining my two passions together and there toi have it...Gossip Girl fanfic!


So im going to try and be as neutral...
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Anger is the Best Remedy for Love- Chapter One

A an il y a Blair Waldorf thought that she had the perfect life that she had always been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. But now, that was not the case. A lot of things had changed in the past an and most of them she could never forgive. Serena and Nate had betrayed her. What kind of friend slept with your boyfriend?
Even know when she was supposed to be listening to a lecture par one of her teachers; she let her mind wander and think about everything that had changed. Serena had left and went to boarding school only to return a year...
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posted by sk8ergirl08
Soo Far its great montrer and its like The Oc in way but not all the way. It does have drama lil it the show. I like Sernea better then Blair. Its stupid how Blair does that to Sernea all she wants is to stop living in the past and live in the future. If u ask me Blair is being little childlsih about all that. I get that she can be mad that Sernea slept with her boyfriend and Sernea never told Bliar andjust took off like that. Bliar did have right to know but now I think Blair and them might be Friends again who knows we just have to watch the montrer tommrrow see what happends between them and their friendship!! Well that whats i think how it is soo far!!
posted by LoveLiesAndLust
When l’amour Takes Over; Chapter One

Description/Summary: Post 1x13. With Serena out of town, Nate and Chuck rejecting her, Eleanor out of town on a business trip for a few weeks, Dorota taking a vacation, and the whole school hating her, Blair Waldorf felt as if she had no one to turn to, which leads her to a night of partying, drugs, and alcohol.

That’s when she met him. He seemed nice enough, so she accepted when he asked her to come upstairs to a private room with her. Big mistake. Something unspeakable happens to her, and she goes to the one person who broke her cœur, coeur the most: Chuck Bass....
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 Contemplating his future...
Contemplating his future...
Chair Tales S02E23- The Prodigal Son

It had been a long 2 weeks, he'd spent most of it at work, ignoring everything else that was going on his life. He hadn't been in touch with anyone other than work colleagues.
He buried himself in work. But eventually he ran out of things to do.
Waking up in the morning was the hardest part, because that's when he'd have to plan his day. Not only that, but every time he woke up he'd be reminded that everything that had happened wasn't a dream, it was real and he'd have to face it.
Maybe today was that day, the jour he'd have to face the music.
Unlucky for him...
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posted by WorshipDwight
Have toi ever found yourself desperately wishing toi lived a different person's life? ou lived in a different person's world? I am guilty on both charges, and ready to fess up. Yes, I dream of living in New York's Upper East Side, where drama and designer are seconde nature, and Gossip Girl rules the roost.

I've been told many times that I wouldn't want to live in such a place, but how could I say no to the town where little work and lots of play are the norm? While I struggle desperately to make it into my dream college, for Upper East Siders, the Ivy leagues are almost handed over on silver...
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posted by kialove978
THIS IS ONLY MY seconde fan FIC... I HOPE toi ENJOY THIS! THIS HAS plus TO DO OF THE EMOTIONS OF BLAIR AND CHUCK... I TRIED TO CAPTURE THEIR MOOD! YOUR commentaires WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!__________________________________________________How could he do this to her again? how could he come to her and basically fall into her arms then abandon her AGAIN? she was mad... not mad at him but mad at herself for falling asleep...

serena had been calling her once an heure since it happened... serena grew worried... blair's "condition" had gotten so bad since he left. she believed that blair was past...
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posted by jlhfan624
So I'm sure you're all shocked to find out that Serena 'killed' someone but really? What's going to happen to her? Nothing. She's at the wedding in the last episode. Georgina is gone in the last episode. Everything is fine & dandy after all is a dit and done. So if they aren't going to do anything TO her FOR what she did, why bring that in the story? I mean it might have been that she might have done it on accident ou she was framed for it and all that but I just don't understand why they're bringing the story in. I feel like all the fans are going to get duped because we see drama for one episode then it's to the happy wedding. What do toi guys think?
NOTE: This is my first time écriture a fan fiction in the form of a script, so it might not be that good. Just a heads up. Tell me what toi think, xx.


GG: Looks like B is the new S. After last nights party B has been spotted getting up close and personal with upper east side's new bad boy and that's not the first time this week. But wait, wasn't it young Sam Porter Miss Blair was seen with yesterday. Looks like he just couldn't keep her satisfied.

(Blair and Serena are walking through Central Park.)

S: What has gotten into toi Blair?
B:[Still drunk] [Giggling] Oh S, stop getting so worked...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Inspired par this quote:
"We have a lot of conflict, believe me. And their conflict is very interesting b/c it's very internal. There's no real outward obstacles. It's a lot of their own minds colliding with each other. Her not wanting to give in. Him being a Playboy and not being able to fall for her completely. And then when he does, he doesn't montrer it and when she does, he shuns it, and all these things. So it's very real life..."
-Leighton Meester (on the CB situation, season 2)

At first when I read this quote I was overjoyed, cause I finally REALLY understood what was going on between...
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Summary: Four years have passed. Today was graduation day.
Everything had changed. Loves were rekindled and found. Friendships were torn and lost. Lonely, confused, hurt, deceived: everyone was. They all thought it was over; that the drama was done.

How wrong they were.

Today was graduation day.
Also known as the jour that changed all of their lives.

A/N: Talking to Jovi randomly one day, the coolest idea popped into my head...what was it? Well, read on to find out ;)
Chuck -x- Blair, Serena -x- Nate, Carter -x- Georgina

Caution: This is story is pretty long, so be prepared :O
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Two

What the hell was he going to do with Blair? He couldn’t believe that she had dumped all of her Friends like that and then what she had done to Nate had been inexcusable. Chuck knew she was serious about letting everyone know that she was totally a different person then everyone thought she was.
But he still wasn’t going to have sex with her like she thought he would. He would never sacrifice his friendship with Nate for Blair. He might desire her a little bit but that was all. There were always other women available. Who needed Blair Waldorf?
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 Not the start toi wanted B?
Not the start you wanted B?
The Chuck and Blair Chronicles

Episode 19: Where they may take you

GG: salut Upper East Siders, Latest story, Blair Waldorf returns home, so it's back to basics huh Blair, ou is that back to Bass-ics? Whatever happens I want all my loyal gossipers at Constance for B's return, Is it dethroning time?

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Harold, Eleanor, Dorota and Roman have just brought Blair back accueil from the hospital.

E: Right toi go upstairs to lit to rest and...
B: Oh enough with the rest, I've been in lit for 5 days, I'm fine. I just want to catch up on my missed assignments, see Serena and see...(stops...
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 whats wrong B?
whats wrong B?
i hope toi enjoy my script for the way i think the season 5 finale should go. i know it hasnt started yet but i know the way i want it to go.
GG: good morning upper east siders todays just another day... oh wait its not its the jour you've all been waiting for. our Queen B is acctually becoming royalty.

waldof apartment:
(Dorota enters)

D: Miss blair it's your wedding day.
B: i know i cant wait (Dosent sound to entusastic).
D: is something wrong miss blair
B: no im fine is serena up yet?.
D: since 7am this morning

(Blair gets up and goes downstairs to...
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Was that Georgina?

Look who's also back, Vanessa! Only to confess to Dan about her mishap with Chuck... twice. She was seen no where around Chuck this episode, but we missed her last episode because she'd been busy scanning for STD patches and ensuring her clean bill of health before she could drink all her sorrows away with her bff Dan. Do toi blame her! After all, sleeping with Chuck did have its risks because of the many before Vanessa (many being an understatement). I wonder if Blair worried that much though? ...

Speaking of Blair and Chuck, their on-again-off-again relationship was sort...
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posted by funnyazz72
salut to everyone lire this, try to do some of these thing...it is what me and all my Friends do to get all of our teachers mad its funny, but we are in junior high so elematry might not want to do this but read on

1.ask to go to the bathroom, if your teacher says no reply back loudly " come on, toi have to let me go... i have to change my tampon.!"
2.Chew alot of gum everyday
3.if toi get a new student scream "stranger Danger" then run away.
4.Take out a mirror and do your makeup in class
5. if your a guy say " excuse me teacher ther is a hot girl in this class that gave me a boner, please tell her to stop montrer me her boobies."
fans certainly aren't going to like this breaking piece of CW scheduling news, but Gossip Girl is poised to take a six-week hiatus beginning January 18.

The reason: The premiere of Life UneXpected on the network. The new montrer will be airing its first season (only six episodes) in Gossip Girl's time slot.

Of course, while six weeks without our montrer always stinks, it is worth noting that this does not in any way shorten Season 3. When Gossip Girl returns in March, it will run 11 (or 12) consecutive Mondays until the season finale.

By our calculations, and according to our sources, this leaves four...
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posted by melikhan
Season 3

Dan joins Blair, Vanessa and Georgina at NYU and instantly fits in amongst many aspiring writers. His stay at NYU also tests his friendship with Vanessa, who assumes that Dan has been absent in their friendship ever since he became wealthy. Dan explains to Vanessa that he and his family are still adjusting to their nouveau-riche status and Vanessa leaves frustrated at Dan.

Dan's first jour at NYU reveals Georgina Sparks' return. When Georgina throws a party, Blair's attempt at sabotage results in Dan standing up for Georgina. Dan is populaire at NYU, and his influence leaves Blair ostracized....
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