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One of my favori Gossip Girl scenes, Nate and Blair were adorable in this episode!
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The story of the daughter of the infamous Chuck basse, bass & Blair Waldorf, Kayla Bass. I hope toi enjoy it!!

"Ouch!" exclaimed Kayla as the foreign maid pricked her leg with the needle as she was fixing the hem of her party dress. "Sorry Miss Kayla." Dorota said. It seemed like she has heard that sentence hundred times in one hour. she heard her mothers distant heels clicking in the hallway of their lovely penthouse that cost $250,000 a month.

"Kayla? Kay where are you? I need to talk to toi NOW!" Blair, her mother, a dit in her I'm-really-mad-right-now voice. "Damn." Kayla muttered...
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Okay so it’s been awhile since I've updated my Numb Novel but I think I’d take a break from that old story and bring toi a new one... this is set after Blair told Chuck it was over in "Gone with the Will" so enjoy...

Her words kept echoing in his head like a broken record "It's too late, Chuck. I stood par toi through all of this but I can't watch toi self-destruct any longer." He understands though. He actually thought it was funny because he knew that she would come back to him. She always did. But a little voice in the back of his head kept saying "This time it was different."...
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