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toi can look up quite a few of my picks and see a commentaire of mine at the bottom saying that if toi are going to add an answer, please use correct grammar. I often call myself The Grammar Police and when I found this spot, I thought, "Wow! This is perfect."

I don't mind chatspeak ou bad grammar in comments, but when it is used in picks ou soapboxes, it really bugs me. I have even told a few people that their spelling/grammar makes my eyes bleed.

So I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank whoever made this spot. Anal grammar peeps, unite! :D
added by maybeastarbucks
added by maybeastarbucks
Sure, it's corny, but maybe you'll learn something.
posted by sardines
I'm not English, but I'm doing a course at my school called Cambridge English. It's great and I've learned a lot of it. This June I'll have to take the test and we'll see if I'll get my FCE
(First Certificate for English). It's quite getting on my nerves. How will it go? Will it go OK? What are they going to ask? Will I get my FCE? All those thoughts are driving me crazy! And my English isn't perfect, so I'll have to study hard and practise, and hopefully I'll get it. fanpop is great for practising my English, I always talk English here, but this is my best practise: this article. I really had to think about it, and I hope you'll appreciate it. I think spelling and grammar are really important, and lire as well. I hope some jour all people can read and write, and go to school to learn.

I'm sorry for making mistakes, if I made some. If you've got conseil for me feel free to give it.
For everybody else who does the same course: Good luck!
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Nazis really have very little tolerance for just about anything.
common mistakes
On a daily basis I come across some appalling spelling/grammar on this site (but not just this site) and there are times when I just want to yell at that person, although I do try and restrain myself out of politeness - if I can. Now I can understand that people who don't speak English as their first language making some mistakes here and there; after all, my French isn't perfect. What really irritates me is when these people are native English speakers, concerning which there is only so much I can tolerate.

Examples of bad spelling/grammar:
1. Text talk
Now this really gets my goat (with the...
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