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arent golden doodles cute!!!! whether there hair is straight ou curly there all adorable!! i have a golden doodle named WILLOW!! she actually siting with me as i type this!!! shes absolutely the cutest,funniest dog in the world her favori things to do is swim in lakes she just loved jumping of docks into the water! she also loves throwing her tennis ball around in the backyard! (so if toi have a golden doodle make sure u have a big backyard cause they l’amour to run!) golden doodles are extremely playful so they will often bring u a toy and sit at ur feet its there way of saying COME PLAY WITH ME! golden doodles are also very smart ive taught my golden doodle tons of various tricks all in a day!! they're also very loving, they will follow toi every where! and in the morning my dog always jumps on the lit and licks my face to wake me up! shes like my own personal alarm clock! and they are GREAT family chiens there amazing with kids and there very VERY loveable!