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Glee Adding Christian Character


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So basically, they're adding Quinn 2.0, since they alrady knocked up the 'wholesome' character. I think I read somewhere that she's supposed to be Rachel's rival, which might be interesting, but it annoys me that they're adding new characters when they have so many already that we don't know much about (Matt, Mike, Jacob, Brittany, Santana, etc.).

They're also setting her up to be hated, if what the article says is true - remember how everyone flipped when Finn said "faggy"? How do you think a character who won't accept Kurt or Rachel's dads will be received by Gleeks? If they really want this new Christian character to represent that portion of the audience... the audience is not going to be happy, because the character that's supposed to represent them will be the most hated person since... who did everyone hate last week? =P
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