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1.Tears-I have to admit this song is not populaire but it's amazingly beautiful its from their first album GIRLS GENERATION,it's a sad song,their voice are amazing with such a young age,so u guys should listen,it's beautiful

2.Promise-This song is from I GOT A BOY album,it has such a beautiful melody,the song shows that snsd has improve a lot,the song fits snsd voice and the song is just amazing...

3.Mistake-I fell in l’amour with the song,I l’amour their voice in the song,I already l’amour the song before i know that Yuri wrote the song,and after i know it I l’amour it more,the song is so awesome!

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I'm going to make this article because I want to express myself about what I think about each member. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Vocal ranking:

Of course Taeyeon, who else in SNSD can challege her? She hits and mainteins her high notes easilly. She has a open vocal range and she's very versatile.

She's really good but I haven't seen improvement in a long time. That makes me think that she can't improve more, ou that she don't want to. Her high notes are amazing and I l’amour her voice, which never change in performance.

She's been shadowed for 5 years and now people complain...
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I combined all of my rankings including prettiest with ou without makeup, pre debut pictures, and the member that really fit all the hairstyle (short hair, long hair, with bangs, etc.).

So let's just get started!

9. Hyoyeon

Sorry i don't find her really pretty after getting her surgery done. She's plus on the sexy side. I find her pretty when her hair is curly and blonde. She's really pretty. But her face is not my taste. I adore your personality so toi don't have to worry.

8. Sunny

Sunny is really cute for me. I find her pretty when her hair is long, dark brown, especially when she has full bangs....
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Hi, again, S♥NEs! Thanks so much to those who have read all the messages up to this one. It truly means a lot to me. Today is August 5th, SNSD's long-awaited 7th Anniversary! linkGirls Generation debuted in 2007 and now it's 2014. I can't believe time goes par so fast. SNSD is not about BEING the BEST, they are about TRYING their BEST. SNSD toi are the group that inspires me the

I can't really take much credit for écriture these articles, since it was all of toi who wrote these sincere and sweet messages. Your messages are also what inspired me to write my messages. Thank toi ALL....
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Well, this isn't another Opinion/Rant. I can tell toi that much.
So, out there in the Kpop world, every fandom, (including us, don't deny it) would usually defend our favori idol group so much to the point where it sounds like we're whining about everything. It's nothing new. Some Sones even wonder why some other fandoms hate SNSD and Sones when whining is perfectly normal, but if toi whine like this:

Chances are that people are going to have reasons for hating. I mean like, what the hell is wrong with Yuri possibly dating another idol? This is exactly why I link about this a week ago....
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