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posted by gerbilcrazie
Hi folks

i'm 12 and my birthday is in a week and i have a gerbil her name is Lola and i got her in July so she just about 5 months old! but she is scared to go in my hand! so anyone out there who as one plaese tell me what i should do???!!! I have done loads to just get her to eat nourriture from my bare palm but she is still scared! i have asked my cousins who have gerbils and are the same age as me, on opinions. i've done them but NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need help with my little rascal. So please i've gavin my reason why i need help!
Hello everyone.
It's my birthday today (I'm 15), and I've just got 2 little Mongolian gerbils on the jour before yesterday, from the pet store. They are only 4 weeks old! So cute, I really l’amour 'em! I named my two girls Mazsola and Szotyola. Mazsola means Raisins and Szotyola means Sunflower seed (in Hungarian)... They are so little and young. Mazsola is licking the glass of the terrarium (or my fingers) all the time, and I think she wants to get lait from her momma... *.* :) And Szotyola is always looking at me as her lunch xD She's a bitty little girl.
I just wanted to write down how cute they are. I l’amour them! I'll mettre en ligne pictures later.
Have a nice day.