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Envy P.O.V.

We sat there waiting fo something to happen. Greed didn't say anything,Gluttony sat with Lust who just sat there montrer off.Pride rolled his eyes and ignored everyone.Sloth was asleep and Wrath was well... Wrath. We had each been made from one of FAthers emotions. Thats how we got our names. I sighed man I wished we cold do something.Tired of sitting I got up "Where toi going" Pride asked. "Have some fun" I said.

Neko's P.O.V.
My body hurt I wanted to stop running but I knew I couldn't....
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These are the lyrics to Full metal Alchemist's Brotherhood's beautiful seconde ending "Let it all out par the singer Miho Fukohara. From live journal.

Let it all out, Let it all out
Tsuyogaranakute iindane
Dareka ga kaitetta kabe no rakugaki no hana ga yureru

Jibunrashisa nante daremo wakaranaiyo
Nagai nagai michi no tochuu de nakushitari hirottari
Kyuu ni samishikunatte naichau hi mo arukedo

Namida mo itami mo hoshi ni kaeyou
Ashita wo terasu akari wo tomosou
Chiisaku mayottemo futari de tsukurou
Hoshikuzu wo tsuyoku hikaru eien wo sagasou

Let it all out, Let it all out
Tarinai koto darake dayone...
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 Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie.
Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie.
So i watched the Live action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie on Netflix with a friend. IT is a good movie. I liked how it stayed true to the FMA/Brotherhood story. And Edward Elric the actor is too tall looking. But other than that,the live action FMA Movie is spot on. Glad they did not fully mess up with this movie. Hope they make another one.

I feel that Netflix and Warner brothers did a good job on this movie. People out there in the world need to stop comparing animé live actions to the episodes. It's like how Marvel and DC films change and is not similar to the comics and dessins animés sometimes....
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The Fuhrer eyes haven’t left my site and the rock is still hanging on haut, retour au début of his head. It could kill him, but his men will kill me after. Besides, I don’t kill.

Again, I am stuck. What the hell, how do I explain this!

I lower the rock and put it back in the wall. I raise both my hands, “I surrender, I will become a state alchemist and be a dog of the military”

He smiles and back up, “I am really interested, so your not an alchemist but toi can perform and déplacer earth and water. Thats what I heard from my men.”

Ah shit, I had pulled a little wave on one of his soldiers before,...
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I always get into trouble.

Now, I am in the Fuhrers office. Kinda scared.
He poured himself tea, and kept drinking it while looking at me for the past freaking 10 minutes. His look is so scary, I’m just fidgeting my fingers. Finally he speaks.
“How am I going to explain this to you?”

I smirk at him, “How about toi don’t, and just let me go.”

He smiles back, “That would be a stupid thing to do, Yasmin”

Oh my shit, how the hell does he know my name, “How do toi know my name?”

He puts his cup down, “Research, your mom disappeared and your father is dead”

I clench my hands, control...
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English: Fullmetal Alchemist

Synonyms: Full Metal Alchemist, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, FMA

Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師

Type: Manga

Volumes: 27

Chapters: 108

Status: Finished

Published: Jul 12, 2001 to Jun 11, 2010

Genres:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Military

Authors:Arakawa, Hiromu (Story & Art)

The rules of alchemy state that to gain something, one must lose something of equal value. Alchemy is the process of taking apart and reconstructing an object into a different entity, with the rules of alchemy to govern this procedure. However, there exists an object that can bring any alchemist...
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roy mustang
riza hawkeye
winry rockbell
ling yao
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Alright! Let's get down to it!

One word: Kimblee.
Many fans do not like this character. Why? He is a psycho hoes beast! He's bat shit insane! Mad as a hatter! I could go on. He LOVES the sounds of explosions and loves to cause them. He enjoyed the eastern extermination campaign to much. And the fact that he enjoyed it to begin with is just plus proof of his heresy and insanity. But here's where I have to say...for all those reasons is why I l’amour the guy! He was insane! I LOVED that! He was able to retain his individuality when within Pride! Amongst all those crazed, wild souls! He went against the grain! Had his own stand on things! I l’amour that! So-unlike other FMA/FMAB fans-love Kimblee! He is one of my haut, retour au début five favori characters in the whole series! what's your opinion on the character? If toi like him, why? If not, why do toi hate him? What is it about his maddening character that toi love-or hate-the most?
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fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
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another great amv of the song this is war with this animé
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