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Fred Astaire Question

Does anybody know if Fred Astaire ever performed in a scene involving a typewriter in any sort of way?

Hi everyone,
I am lire a novel in which there is a reference to Fred Astaire. The main character, a typewriter repairman, says he can do "the big old Smith Coronas tap-dance like Fred Astaire" (meaning he loves typewriters and knows how to use them well). Is that a reference to a scene in particular?
Thank toi very very much for your help :)

I believe Fred Astaire used a type writer in one of his dance routines! He was typing and than would go off and dance. I cannot remeber the movie !
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Bchase484 said:
In "Follow the Fleet" Fred (Bake Baker) is typing rhythmically (of course) a phony play that his sailor friend, Randolph Scott (Bilge Smith) will unwittingly participate later during Bilge's rendez-vous amoureux, date that night. The scene takes place in a sailors' locker room. At one point while Fred continues to type, Bilge (about twice Fred's size) picks Fred up with the typewriter and moves Fred out of the way do Bilge can get into his locker. I think the movie came out in 1936, but I'm not positive about that. - Beth I've loved Fred Astaire since I was 12 Chase

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