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In Outer Space

Tiatra sat upon her trône and tapped her flipper impatiently. She stared around the empty bridge and sighed.

"It's so dull up here." She muttered to herself. "I need some entertainment." She pressed a button on her trône and a little screen popped up in front of her. "Show me the Equa leaders." She ordered. The screen changed to the HQ, and she stared at the screen curiously. She déplacer the little camera and caught sight of the Equas, who were struggling to open their sleeping bags. "Hehe primitive animals." She remarked. "Now montrer me their friends." She instructed. The screen changed to outside, where the penguins were learning some new moves, and running a little obstacle course. Tiatra watched wonderingly, and her eyes fell on Skipper. "He seems to be the leader." She realised. She went into deep thought and wondered how she'd be able to capture her enemies.

What dull feathers they have. She thought, her mind wandering.

"That's it!" She suddenly burst out, leaping out of her seat. She stared down at her flipper and concentrated hard. Her flipper tuned to a jet black. She turned it back to pink, and a devious smile creeped onto her wicked face. "Who will suspect me, when they don't even know it's me?" She a dit grinning to herself. She looked back at the screen, and she looked thoughtful again.

I'm going to need some information on them. She thought.

"CARTER!" She yelled, staring towards the door. The small rose alien scuttled in and looked up fearfully at his queen.

"Yes your highness?" He asked worriedly.

"I want toi to get as much information as possible on these creatures." She told him, pointing at the screen.

"But your highness with your shape-shifting powers wouldn't it be faster if you-" He stopped abruptly, as Tiatra's face grew dark, and her rose pupils glowed angrily. "I'm on it." He squeaked before running out at high speed.

On Earth

"Ok, team, now that we have finished the obstacle course, we have one plus bit of training before we go in." Skipper explained. "What is it kiddo?" He asked, noticing Ashley's raised flipper.

"What about the cute and cuddly routine?" He asked curiously.

"We'll let Kowalski's holograms do that today." Skipper replied simply. "So the last bit of training is just a simple arm ou flipper wrestling tournament." He began. "I'll be the referee and I'll also decide who versus who."

"Ooh, who will I face?" Tom asked, sounding excited for the first time in training.

"Hmm, I want toi to face Ashley, Private can face Kowalski, and Rico can face Emma." Skipper decided. Emma looked at Rico, and grinned mischievously. He grinned back, and Skipper set up three little tables. Emma and Rico sat down at one, and Emma propped her flipper up on the table. Rico grasped her flipper and they turned to Skipper.

"Now?" Rico asked, eagerly. Skipper blew the whistle and watched over the games around him. Emma pushed her older brothers flipper with all the force inside her and he pushed back twice as strong, sending her flipper close to the table, tableau top. Emma waited till her flipper was nearly on the table, then mustered up all the strength inside her and pushed back quickly. Rico was took par surprise and his flipper was pushed to the table. Emma grinned cheekily at him, and Rico grumbled to himself.

"Well done sis." Skipper praised, his eyes still on the other games. In a few short minutes the others finished and everyone gathered around Skipper. "So well done to Ashley, Emma and Kowalski, and the rest of you, try and do better suivant time." Skipper said.

"Are we going back in now?" Private asked. Skipper nodded and the penguins climbed back into the HQ.

"What's that noise?" Kowalski wondered, looking towards his lab. They fell silent and heard a muffled sound coming from the spare room. Emma popped her head around, and covered her flipper to stop herself from laughing out loud.

"What is it?" Ashley questioned his eyes on the taller penguin.

"Go and see for yourself." Emma replied through giggles. The others went into the room, and their eyes widened in surprise. Their guests had got stuck in their sleeping bags, and Dustin's was over his head. He ran around frantically, and collided with the wall. The penguins rushed over to them, and tried to help them out. Private and Kowalski ran over to Dustin and unzipped the bag, being careful not to get his hair stuck in the zip. They pulled it off his head, and the blonde Equa pushed his shaggy hair out of his face.

"Thanks toi two." Dustin a dit gratefully. As the penguins helped the others out, Emma tried not to let her jaw drop.

"How did toi get stuck in the sleeping bags?" She asked in bewilderment.

"I don't know, we just tried to pull this little metal thing to get out but it just came off." Ava explained, holding up her broken zip. Rico put a flipper to his forehead and exchanged an agonised look with Skipper.

"Urm, so how did toi get your head stuck?" Ashley wondered, lookin towards Dustin.

"I thought it was open at the bottom, so I tried to climb out." Dustin replied sheepishly. Tom forced back a giggle and tried to keep his mind occupied.

"Ok... urm, just give us a minute." Skipper said, rushing out of the HQ, and dragging the team with him. "You a dit they were clueless about Earth, but I didn't think toi meant this clueless." He hissed to Emma.

"Well they've never been here before and they live in a forest, they're bound to be clueless." Emma whispered.

"As weird as it sounds I think each one of us should keep an eye on one of them, to make sure they don't do anything silly." Skipper thought aloud.

"That does sound like a good idea." Kowalski agreed, stepping closer to Emma.

"Ok, so, Rico, keep an eye on Sky, Emma, watch Maya, Tom and me will watch Michael, Private and Kowalski I want toi to keep an eye on Dustin, and Ashley, you've got Ava." Skipper decided.

Yes! Ashley thought triumphantly, feeling himself blush a little. They went back into the spare room, and explained how to use sleeping bags. The Equa's nodded in understanding, and stood up.

"So we're going to stay in here all day, what do toi guys want to do?" Private asked cheerfully.

"Urm....." Sky began.

"Watch some Tv?" Tom suggested.

"Hmm, Tv.. I think Emma's mentioned that before..." Michael thought aloud.

"Is that the box with the moving pictures?" Maya asked.

"Yup." Emma confirmed.

"Well I'd like to watch that." Dustin exclaimed, walking into the main part of the HQ, and staring up at the Tv. The others agreed, except for Ava who wanted to draw. Emma got a piece of paper and an old pencil case from her drawstring bag, and passed them to Ava. Ava sat down near the Tv and looked at the zip in confusion.

"Urm how do toi open this again?" She asked Ashley, who was sitting closest to her. Ashley showed her how to open it, and she smiled brightly at him. "Thanks." She said, looking up at him shyly.

"Your welcome." Ashley replied, his cheeks flushing. He got out his Sudoku book, and stared at the little boxes intently. Ava leaned over curiously, and cocked her head to the side.

"What's this?" She asked, pointing at the paper.

"Urm.. it's this game called Sudoku, toi have to fill in the boxes with the numbers 1-9 but the same number can't be in the same box, row ou column." Ashley explained. "Some are really hard while others are easy."

"Could I help fill the boxes in?" Ava asked shyly. Ashley nodded and she scooted over, and took a pen from the pencil case. The two animaux began filling in the boxes.

Best jour ever. Ashley thought, his cœur, coeur speeding up in his chest.
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Emma gazed up at the vast expanse of twinkling stars that blanketed the navy blue landscape. It was a warm September night, and she had re-discovered her favourite part of Central Park. The humans had surrounded this particular area with a hedge, which was hiding an electrical fence, because they wanted to keep the area pollution, and human free. But Emma had found a tiny gap in the fence, one only a manchot, pingouin could possibly fit through. She still remembered the first time she stumbled across it, how... awestruck she was. It was a small clearing, trees surrounding the hedges, a small colline in...
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In the HQ they had decided to watch a few plus of the horror films and the last one had just finished and Skipper turned the Tv off. Private and Ava were shaking, and Dustin and Ashley looked frightened. Skipper cast a stern look at Rico who was unaffected par the whole thing.

"Wow, that was awesome!" Sky marvelled, a big grin on her face.

"It was pretty good wasn't it?" Maya agreed.

"Speak for yourself." Dustin replied, glancing around the room worriedly. Maya just grinned and shook her head, turning towards Michael, who also had a bag of popcorn.

"So did toi like it Tia?" Skipper asked, his...
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Buck Rockgut and I have been working on this together for a while. it's time toi knew the truth.

Imagine, if toi can, the world as it was in Nineteen hundred and fifty-six. Humans were wearing large skirts, Bermuda shorts and Suits – Avocats sur Mesure ( though not at the same time). African colonies rebelled against British control, the cold War was just beginning to get interesting, and the fear of Russian Reds was unfolding In America.I was young, a bit naive, much like my nephew is now, and i was eager to impress my boss. I was a trainee for an brand new International all Animal agency founded par a much younger...
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When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a cage, which had a little window on it’s door. She was scared. She tried to push the door. It didn’t work. A human came and looked in the cage from the little window. He a dit something in humans’ language but Amy couldn’t understand. She tried to hide. Then human opened her cage and took her before she escaped. The room was dark and very hot. She missed her accueil and Antarctica’s coldness. ”Where am I?” she thought. “Why am I here?”

-1 heure later-

Somone took her to other room. There was many cages. Then she was put in another...
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The Sewers didn't smell so great. If there's one thing that hasn't changed in the past century, it's that horrendous stench.
Luckily the present sewer rats occupy the same area as their 1910 counterparts do.
The rat King's great great grandfather was leading a pack of his own. he was a bit taller than the others, mainly because of his little haut, retour au début hat.
he even sounded like OUR rat King, only a bit more... British???
"Listen up, gent's" he a dit " That blasted écureuil has vexed us for the very last time! We must reclaim what is rightfully mine.. I mean Ours!"
Jeff, who does the voice of one of the...
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Even though he had been in the caisse for just an hour, it had felt plus like ten hours for Dave. All he could do was sit there and wait for something to happen. What would happen? Dave didn't know. He didn't know what would come up. Despite his caisse situation Dave could only think of one thing and that was of his sister. Would he ever see her again and would ever get to meet his future niece ou nephew? But above all the only big question he had was whether ou not he ou his sister would ever be human again.

Dave was starting to doze when he heard some voices coming from outside the crate. Could...
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Operation: Maelstrom 06:00:32 hours

It was a cold and dark morning, a gentle rumble of thunder sounded inside Sindaj's quarters. She woke up and yawned. She got to her feet and hit her head off a low, overhead pipe on her way out. She waddled to the galley and made herself a sardine coffee and yawned again. "good morning, Sindaj" a dit Skipper, yawning and shuffling over to the coffee maker. "good morning, Skipper" a dit Sindaj with a yawn. lightning flashed across the sky with a loud rumble of thunder and the rain began to fall. Kowalski and Rico entered the galley. Sindaj sipped...
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Private woke up at the worst time possible, the whole camp, was gone, nothing but twisted up rubble and arbre limbs, everything was burnt ou vaporized, as if par acid. He looked back, seeing that everyone he knew, including Kat, were gone. Disconcertingly, he walked around the ruined camp, seeing how damaged everything was, he wondered quietly. "How did I not choke on the gases of the fires? Surely I might've suffocated," a dit Private. He then remembered while still in the tent that his beak was in a floor drain, a wet area that allowed him to breathe freely without inhaling toxic fumes, ou burnt....
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"Hey, where'd Hannah go?!" asked Kowalski. It was the very late morning, when everyone in Grénwölv camp realized she was missing. "I don't know, she's been gone since we finished training!!" a dit Jett. "So how do toi think she disappeared?" asked Skipper. "Maybe she went MIA ou AWOL," a dit Private. "Telow!! Do toi think toi ou any of your troops could find her?" asked Jett. "I do the best I can, Pilii!!! Zaroff!! Glostev!! Send in a chercher party, they all have to cover the area we're in, chercher all over if toi must!!" yelled Telow. The three men aforementioned then saluted and headed out...
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Name: Jenica Alica Whitner

Birthday: 3/19/1988

Species: Unknown

Afflations: Chad, Kiriah

Favorite Color: Hot rose

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Home: Unknown

Hobby: drawing, fighting, singing, acting, jumping rope, running, writing, and hunting.

Brother and sister: None

Mom and dad: Unkown

Jenica is Kiriah's cousin. Nobody ever knew who she was ou where she came from but Kiriah treated her as a mother most of her life. Jenica was about 27 when she started taking care of the Whitner Trio, but soon over the years aged into a great, tremendous, fearless mother/leader. It was hard letting the tripletes go...
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The suivant morning, The penguins woke up to the bright sun. Alice had yanked the sheets off the cage and was banging on the bars. "Wake up toi pshycopaths! Today's a big day!" She yelled, picking up the cage. Skipper woke up with his flipper around Lilly. "What the!?" He said, looking around at his sleeping team. Skipper then slapped them all awake.
"What is it Skipper?" Lilly asked, sitting up and rubbing her cheek. Kowalski and Rico did the same. "Skippa! LOOK!" Private cried, pointing towoards their habitat. There was a bunch of police tape surrounding the island, and big men in black suits...
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ok so since the manchot, pingouin 4 made "I Want toi Back" they realized that everyone at the zoo loved it so they made this song hope toi enjoy

You went to school to learn girl
things toi never knew before
like "I" before "E" except after "C"
and why 2 plus 2 makes 4
now, now, now
I'm gonna teach you,
Kowalski Skipper and Rico:
teach you, teach you
all about l’amour girl,
K,S and R:
all about love
sit yourself down, take a seat
all toi gotta do is repeat after me

A B C , It's easy as
1 2 3 , as simple as
do re mi, A B C, 1 2 3
baby toi and me girl

Come on and love...
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'So how are we gonna get outta here Angel?' asked Private. 'Well, this here car can last us for a mois before it runs outta gas,' replied Angel. 'I have a question, what is VIPA?' asked Kowalski. 'Ugh, it's the failed company that tried to contain the disease in the Arctic colonies in Antarctica, all VIPA buildings closed after workers either became, ou got killed par the zombies, VIPA, stands for: Viral Infection Protection Agency,' answered Angel. 'Apparently, there were many VIPA buildings in the Silver Pyramids, they were world-renowned,' a dit Kat. 'Alright then, can we shut up about VIPA?...
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—Hello, I´m home!!! —he exclaimed with enthusiastic. —Who miss me? —immediately Mort ran to him while he exclaimed.

—I did!!! —and then he hugged one of his feet.

—Ok, bad question, don´t touch the royal feet!!!—he yelled annoyed while he shook his foot, when Mort stopped touching it, Julien noticed something. —Where is Maurice? —he asked a little angry, but then a female voice answered.

—Maurice is sleeping now…—Katherine answered him with indifference.

—Really? —he asked while he put a hand on his chin. —Well, that´s not a bad idea, I´m a little tired too…—he...
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again, another one :3 will the penguins be busted? find out in this episode unless toi already watched it ._.
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Stuff I got for Christmas. X3