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 Your mind tricks you!!
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These are 2 very interesting images that montrer how the mind tricks you, sorry if this is not the best spot for them i just though plus people would see them on a better spot like this.
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this week, fanpop reach the of unffair:
so, i rejoindre to fp, like a an ago, but i only start to contribute in janurary +- . for a long time my only contibutuons were for the Brtieny Spears Spot.
Here's My Contributions:
Links- 18
Videos- 600
Images- 3574
Comments- 49
Forums- 7
Picks- 110
Quizzes- 36
Articles- 5

Until last week i was the #1 fan on the spot, and i still have a "Die-Hard Medal", but now in #2. So i check the profile, of the new #1 fan- shopialover, and she have a "Fanatic Medal", now see what she contribued:
Links- 1
Videos- 467
Images- 805
Comments- 51
Forums- 0
Picks- 2
Quizzes- 0
Articles- 0

I Was Like, are toi kidding me?, this is so unffair, i Lost a lot of time uploading pictures and add video and thinkin in original picks! Could this be plus unffair?

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