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posted by madening_mahem
The 20 an old Info broker, Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也), wasn't known for loving one human (or woman) in paticular...

That was...until he saw Moira Kagamine (モイラ 鏡音), an 18 an old and a manager of two high-end stores, with a lolita fashion style to boot.

Of course he wasn't completely head over heels for her (what kind of story would it make without semi-reality and filers :D), but she DEFINITELY caught his eye. At first, he thought nothing of it, but soon he saw her again , and again. She had taken notice as well, apparently, the reason why they saw each other so frequently was...
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posted by Flamefox
Ugh....,i groaned as i fell onto my couch.I was tired from trying to earn money for my place 24/7.*Knock* *knock* What now?,i thought going to my door.I opened the door to see two people that make toi pay tax's.You need to pay within a week,or the house is ours,the one one the left.Can't toi wait?i need plus time!,i said.Well toi need to pay now-,he a dit cut off.Just this one time Lil Red,the on the right said.Thanks....,i a dit closing the door before they could say more.I went back to my canapé and turned on the TV.Get prepared for the major earthquake tonight....,said the lady on the news.Yeah...
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Alucard let the fledgling go. She didn't have Icey-blue eyes any more, they were plus like his, a crimson color.
He acualy prefured that color over her blue eyes. But the dracula didn't know why...!
Then the draculina flinched in shock, but the question was: Why did she flinch like that?
Alucard thinks the girl is strange... but of course she isn't used to being in the hellsing mansion! So he read her mind like a book.
'Where the bloody hell am I?!'
'Hellsing Mansion police girl!' Alucard answered with a smirk across his face.
Seras jumped 2 inches in the bloody air! How could he read her mind!?...
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Authers note: CHAPTER 3 IS A OUT!!! I found out I have a great fan of these warriors code and honnor storries! :)

Disclaimer: I only own: Ayami, Hirou, Irouku, and Scar and Saverns parents, no one else. (but I will make a new fan character soon!)
Warning: lanuguadge and some violence

Also, -H-H- in the story means 'Hirous promo'! ^~^'

Finally, Scar, Lex, Ayami, Savern, and the other hunters returned accueil after that long and bloody trip.
Scar and Savern already lived on their own. After a teenager turns 18 and gets their own place to live, they are then held elagable for hunting.
Scar got out of...
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Savern: *sighs* so my brother gets a girl but I stay single huh...?
Me: Oh cry me a freaking river! toi will get a girl in one of the chapters, chill out!
Savern: ... she's Yautja... right?
Lex: *slaps Savern*
Scar: *punches head*

Disclaimer: I own no characters!
Warning: bad words and bloody and violent stuff.
-S-S- = Savern's promo
-s-s- = Scars promo
-L-L- = Lex's promo
-Q-Q- = Queen alien promo
-A-A- = alien promo

Scar started his gun to fire, cause par the time he get's in there, there will be thousens of thoughs damn granted preys!
(Scar, toi can't just-)
(I don't want to hear all of your none-sence...
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Jade stared at the chinese 13 an old demon as if she was insane.
What was she talking about? Polar opposites...?
What on earth did that mean?
"Any way, please excuse my 'brothers' rude and recluse behavior. He tends to be qiet the ignorant one!" She a dit with that immotion less and creepy face still there. But still, the little girl's face was very bright and charming. One could call her 'beutiful'.
"Alright, seriously Hann, toi are starting to piss me off with that cocky attitude uncle gave you!" Drago hissed at her.
Hann-yuu's face twisted slightly into an irritated face.
"Don't ever say that...
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Scar felt a tear run down his chest, it was Lex's.
Scar tightened his hug on Lex, but not so much. He wanted to comfort her, not crush her. He was ten times stronger than a ooman male.
"Lex... tell me what's wrong..."
"Nothings wrong...!" Lex a dit slowly in a depresed voice.
Scar put his hand on her head and pulled her head closer to his chest. "Yes there is... toi wont get looked down on just for telling me whats wrong." He a dit to pursway her into telling him why she's been crying so much.
"My dad..." She a dit in a groggy voice... she wasn't sleepy... she was on the verge of tears.
"If toi miss...
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Ayami layed still on her bed... she still couldn't get Savern out of her mind.
She kept her mind set on him until she thought about their family...
She remembered that his grandfather, Inshu, hated her grandfather, Juku.
They hate each other because of each others way of raising there family as one of the elders.
Her grandfather, beleived in stricked rules. But Savern's beleived in less striked rules.
She wanted Savern as a mate... but did he l’amour her back...?
Bad chance that he loves her back. He probebly is watched over from other girls in higher clan's and much plus prettier than she.
She then...
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Scar awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. It read 8:00, Scar always woke up at that time every day.
He sat up and looked down to his right to see that Lex wasn't there. He heard the douche start.
She acually found out how to work it?
'Well duh Scar, she isn't stupid!' He thought bitterly to himself.
But he wasn't shure if it was her ou not... Savern does use his douche when his water isn't heated right. And he doesn't ever ask him if he can, he just takes showers when he wants to.
Scar slowly got up and walked to the shower.
There was a bend in the mur to replace a door.
He walked over to the...
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AN: Chapter 2 is out! And I hope toi guys like it!
Warning: Violence and bad words in this one too!

Lex sat completely still in her chair, even though Scar was suivant to her, holding her hand, she was obviously scared.
Would they like her?
Would she get exepted into the clan as Scars mate?
Would they give her and Scar freedom?
Scar looked at Lex, "Lex, toi don't have to be so scared. If toi need my help... just ask!" Scar a dit to comfort her. And it worked too!
Lex looked at Scar with a smile.
(Hey, Lex, I don't mean to be rude to you... but toi might not wanna speak in your languadge!) Ayami comented....
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Lex still had the scrony man up agenst the wall. She was angrier than a dog that just Lost his prey to a pack of wolves.
Ron was dumbfounded on how strong this engered woman was! Shure, he was scrony, bit still... that lady looked like a bloody pulp before they healed her!
Lex then threw him on the floor, "If toi don't mind, I'd like to lay down again! I don't realy have a perfect bill of health, now... please get your dead hide OUT OF HERE!" She demanded in a cold-as-stone voice. Infact, if toi were to hear this voice... toi are garanteed to be chilled to the bone!
Ron got up off his butt...
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Disclaimer: I only own: Ayami, Hirou, Irouku, and Sara & Amy Sandrkiz, no one else!
Warning: languadge and violence.


Ayami looked at the controls as if they just pissed her off, and Savern saw the hatred for the controls in her deep-grey eye's.
(Shit...!) She hissed under her breath. (What?) Savern replied, affraid that he might get hit par her.
(I can't find the DAMNED thing!) She snapped at him... she then realized her temper was taking over her... so she calmed down. But not a whole lot...!
Savern sighed and walked up to her. He put his hand on her sholder, (Ayami... CALM down!) He demanded...
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Scar: Oh, look she gave this chapter a tittle for a change!
Savern: Oh, cool, didn't notice!
Lex: Are toi being honest here Sav...?
Me: Shut up! I can't think!

Disclaimer: I own no charries, just story line mmmmm... K?
Warning: Naughty words and blood! Oh no!

Scar and his brother ran as fast as they could. But Scar wanted to slow down for the ooman, but he wouldn't, because he was scared that the damned drones would catch up with them.


The Queen was stuck, trapped in her shacles. She was pissed, all of her beautiful offspring were getting murdered par the damn Yautja speicies. She wanted them...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I a dit it once, twice, 1000 times... I own only the story line, no characters!
Warning: gore, laungadge toi get it par now!

Savern didn't see his brothers light amber eyes, but he knew there was a sencation of amer rage in them.
(Scar...) He began. He forgot to say anything else... he was completely dumbfounded par the idea he would break his brothers promise to NOT kill any females they see.
(Savern, toi promised me toi wouldn't kill any females, ou hurt them!) Scar roared. Scar wasn't happy, he then remembered why he was gentle with girls: Because, with out females, how would there...
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Lex woke up earlier than Scar did again, and the first thing she thought was 'Gatta get my clothes back on!'.
With that thought... she jumped out of the lit and darted to the clothe's rack with her clothes on it.
She pulled her netting back on and slipped her chemise and jupe right back on herself.
She then desided to trie and to tie the seams herself... and it worked!
She was shocked that she was so used to feeling Scar tie the seams... that she acually knew how to tie them herself!
She jumped at the sound of Scar's alarm rining.
Scar opened his eyes slowly and turned the alarm off. He then looked...
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Warning: Some of the stuff in this part might be uncomfortible for you... (some pervy sounding stuff is in this!)

Savern stopped in his tracks and looked back, Ayami was standing still and looking down... she was jouer la comédie alittle strange.
"You okay Ayami?" He asked, Ayami looked back up and over her sholder to Savern.
"Yes... I'm fine." She replied.
Savern breifly heard the words that she said, it came to him in a mumble.
Ayami looked infront of her and walked off.
Savern did the same... what did she say to him?


Scar sat with his arms around Lex... she was such a strong girl...!
She was...
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Ash sat on the couch, his hands on his temples. He was back accueil in Pallet Town, but he wasn't 10 anymore. Now he's 26, and has his own house and a wife, his old ally Dawn. She was out grocery shopping, and he was alone for several hours. "God, I remember the days," he a dit quietly to himself.
He was looking back on the days when he was a trainer, 16 years ago. It was fun, he recalled, especially his years with Dawn. His best friend, though, was his Pikachu. The thing is, Pikachu had left for the Yellow Forest when he turned 18. All connection with his other Friends was lost. They all went...
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Craig and his three Friends sat at the far right corner of the bleechers at the Cow's game.

But Craig really was the only one paying attention in the group. Tweek was twitching and looking down (he became a tad calmer since the 6th grade). And Clyde and Token were making out passionatly.

"Well, I'm going to have a smoke, any one want to join?" Craig offered. "N-no thank toi Craig!" Tweek blirted still looking down and twiching.

Token pulled himself away from Clyde and looked at Craig, "Nah, unlike you, I don't want to end up like Kyle's da-"

"TOKEN!" Clyde interupted, "Don't talk about Kyle's...
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posted by Flamefox
Original pov
Pit,i can't believe the sight of this place!,i yeld,holding onto Pit tight.Mabye toi can come back after all this,Pit said.I hope so,i said.I looked into his eyes.I wish he could visit the real world,i thought looking away to avoid him seeing me soon saw our destination.When we got in,he put me down and showed me the place.He showed me this little pool thing.What's this?,i asked.It can montrer toi what's going on in the world below,Pit said.Cool,i said.I felt a throbbing feeling where my amulet collier was.(Ignore it....)So,is there something up here that's fun?,i asked.I...
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