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pink-bookworm posted on Jun 28, 2011 at 08:50AM
This is something where you go on quests and get prophecies choose your quest mates and the quests could be anything you like
In order to be able to go on quest prophecies you need the following.
Greek or roman
How long you have been at camp for
And appearance if you want, you can also have stuff like weapons, boyfriend and powers.


Trinity: me
Mikaya: Artemis- 8
Sophia: p jacksonHead
Kate: Icrs50
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il y a plus d’un an pink-bookworm said…
Okay this is me
Name: Trinity Debussy
Greek or Roman: Greek but has met a roman before
Age: 12
Parent: Athena
Personality: shy, laughs a lot, friendly but gets temperamental accasionaly.
From: Australia but lives in New York.
How long I've been at camp: I have been at camp since I was five because on the second last day of term the teacher read a book about gods and I then reloads I was a demigod so after that monsters would hunt me down do my dad was forced to bring me to camp.
il y a plus d’un an Artemis_8 said…
Name: Mikaya Adams (Kaya or Mika for short)
Greek/Roman: Greek
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Hecate(Patron is Hades)
Personality: Kinda shy, but loves to laugh. Mess with me, and prepare to feel my wrath!... Which is possably having neon green hair for a week or being turned into a squirrel... Normally a happy person. Loyal. Bubbly. Random.
From: Australia!!! (In NY for the holidays when taken to camp.)
How long I've been at camp: Just arrived.
Weapon of Choice: Wand and set of twin silver hunting knives.
Appearance: Short, honey brown, sort of reddish, hair, freckles and dark purple eyes. Athletic.

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 Name: Mikaya Adams (Kaya ou Mika for short) Greek/Roman: Greek Age: 14 Godly Parent: Hecate(Patron is
il y a plus d’un an PJacksonHead said…
big smile
Name: Sophia (soph) Lace

Greek or roman: Greek

Age: 14

Parent: Hecate

Personality: bubbly. kind. loyal. loves eveyone. totally random. good heart. girly but a tom boy. tough but gental. to trusting.

From: South Caralina

How long you have been at camp for: 5 years

And appearance if you want, you can also have stuff like weapons, boyfriend and powers.:
brown hair and green eyes, wepons a knife that turns into a hairpin named Joe and dark purple duct tape, she has magical powers and can see the past future and present in other locations, she is single but has like 6 guys chasing after her.

il y a plus d’un an pink-bookworm said…
Welcome guys. Nice to see you back here this summer soph. I wonder what excitement we will be having this summer.
il y a plus d’un an pink-bookworm said…
Trinity I need to speak to you in the big house alone. Came the voice of Chiron from behind me.
il y a plus d’un an pink-bookworm said…
Okay sure I'll see you when I get back guys.
il y a plus d’un an lcrs50 said…
Name: Kate.
Age: 15 1/2
Greek or Roman: Roman but has meet a greek before.
Parent: Pluto.
From: Ohio
Appearance: 4'11 feet tall, skinny, tan, blue eyes, glasses, braces.
Powers: can raise the dead from the grave and return them at will, shadow travel, and go to the Underwould at will.
Been at camp: 7 years.
Personality:Likes to be alone so she can read a book from her extensive collection about fiction, non-fiction, and others.


As I walk into the cabbin, I say hello to my brothers and sister. My sister started camp five years ago, my two brothers started three years ago. Sometimes I wished they would dissappear for a while so I could read, but it didn't work that way, and I would have to pay Thomas, son of Trivia, goddess of magic, and I couldn't afford to pay them one hundred gold brachmas even if I wanted to. Soon after I unpacked, I heard the signal for the campers to go to the dining pavillion for the welcome back speach. Juno gave the same one every year, so I thought about not going, but that would get me in trouble with her and no one wanted and angry Juno on their hands. So, as cabbin leader, I had to lead them to the pavillion, and sit at our assigned table and listen to Juno talk about what traning we would do, the sports, and, best of all, the cheroit racess would take place every ohter firday, so on some fridays we would play capture the flag, and on others we would race chariots. We planned to use dead Pegasis and a wooden chariot banted black with dad's crest panted on it. We had stencels, so no need to go to the master artests, children of Mercury, go of theves, jacks of all trades.
il y a plus d’un an pink-bookworm said…
Whats up Chiron. You and two otheres are going to a roman camp for demigods.
il y a plus d’un an lcrs50 said…
Lupa told us that we had a few more campers this year. I wondered in any of the ten new kids were children of Pluto. She told the head counclers to come up to the flags with the parents symbles on them and she would tell every one who the new campers were. She started with the Jupiter cabbin and ended with my cabbin. I had three new kids that I had to teach ther ropes. After dinner, I took them to the store and baught them the usual stuff: uniform, shampoo, toothbrush, book of rules, a bag, and a couple of things that they wanted but didn't have to have. Then I took them to the cabbin and let them choose bunks. They put their cloths and stuff in their lockers and trunks and I showed them around the camp. They liked the forest and lake, but didn't like the forges. I told them that they would have to follow the scedual, wich included going to the forges to learn how to make a weapon.

They didn't want to get up the next day and we were repreminded because we were late for our fist class. To make matters worse, the class had been with Lupa. She assigned us to washing dishes that night after dinner, with the harpies. The rest of the day went on without a hitch. During dinner, Lupa told us that Chiron and two others from Camp Half Blood would be coming to camp. She wouldn't tell us why.