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posted by Paramore-CSI
please comment!!this is part 2 hope toi like!!
Carry stood alone and silent on the open road and for the first time she criend she actually criend. Before that she never criend before never. She leaned over her suitcase and criend untill something caught her attention and envolope in the front of her suitcase. Carry carefully opened it up and read aloud, tears streaming from her face.
I am sorry, but toi are tough I know your tough and mandy just couldn't deal with you. she has never criend this much in her life ever. I thought about the boarding school...
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ok well its rated 18 and up and i wanted to watch it so it is going here
kiely williams
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say when
the fray
posted by Paramore-CSI
Ok this is a song fic. I was kindof inspired par this song par porcelin and the tramps. It is currently one of my faviorte songs. It is called red light district and yes it is about what the titre infers. So here goes nothing!Hope toi like it and please commentaire and tell me how it was ou how i couldve made it better!! and ill post the song in vidéos if toi want to check it out!
She pulled on her strapless dress, letting it touch her mid thigh. She checked her phone lire the text carefully. she walked out the door....
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posted by Paramore-CSI
Mature content!

Stop It
Don't touch me
I feel like shit

Stop it
do'nt touch me
don't fucking touch me

Stop it
don't touch me
I can't take it today

stop it
Don't touch me
For the l’amour of god don't

Stop it
your killing me

get off of me

stop it
I can't take your shit today
don't touch me

stop it
toi fucken bastard
stop it

stop it
your hurting me
stop it

atop it

Stop it
your too strong
i can't fight toi off

stop it
I am begging you

Stop it
Ill do whatever toi want
Just please stop it

Stop it.
can't toi hear my screams
I don't like this

Stop it
this isnt how it was supposed to be
this want how I planned it

Stop it
toi thief
toi robbed me of my innocence

Stop it
I will forever hate you

Please stop it
Im on my knees


stop it
I can't breathe
please stop

please let me breathe
posted by Paramore-CSI
falling down
my face
pain tearing
my stomch
pouring out
covering my
rayon, ray of
drawing me
a smile
covering my frown
as I think
as I let
my mind wander
as I
a rayon, ray of light
made the couteau gleam
made it closer
my quivering hand
touched the sharp
my smile
grew wider
my hands stopped
my body stopped trembling
the blade
pierced my skin
I touched my neck
feeling the blood
was sucking out
my sole
he persuaded
he tempted
he lied to
he cheated
my breathing stopped
my cœur, coeur stopped
my fear was gone
my soul was gone
my life was gone
satin lossened
his grip
and sent me
to burn in hell for
yet my real suffering
was over
posted by miss_orange
So, toi a dit that toi wanted some Sad Songs to listen, and sins toi a dit that we can add something here, so here is a liste Of sad songs!

So gothique Rock are always the sadest songs ever, so here are some songs
Sweet Sacrafice
Field Of Innocence
My Immortal
Not for your ears
The Open Door

Bless The Chiled
Wish toi were Here

My Chimical Romance
I Havent listened to alot of My Chemical Romance Songs, well just 1, and here it is:P
I Don't l’amour you

I'm Not Gonna say Paramore, Jugging on your User Name, toi Probably Know alot about them :-)

That's All that I Know, Enjoy!!
She walked into school the jour of her birthday glowing inside. She was so happy, her feet slipped on the wet floor as she took her suivant step and she flew into the new guy. The both were on the floor when their eyes met; he picked her up and set her on her feet, extending his arm.
“Hi I’m Alex nice to meet you, toi are.” He a dit
“Oh I’m Leah, nice to meet toi to, what grade are toi in?” she answered
“I’m in grade 12, you?”
“ten.” She answered, at that moment the cloche, bell went for classes. She sat in class thinking about him as he was about her. After class her crush the one...
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posted by Paramore-CSI
it will end the world
it will depress the world
It will murder us one par one
hearts will stop in secondes
necks will snap in minutes
The watter will pool with blood
The world will turn black
burning all crops
all trees
all fleurs
Starvation killing all wildlife
The world shall be alone
mother nature depressed
slowly dying in depression
slowly dying
no plus breathes
no plus heartbeats
no trajedy
no pain
no hurt
no death
no depression
no life
no plus joys
just notthingness
that toi wished for
that toi started
damn toi robert pickton
posted by Paramore-CSI
ok I can not get this song outa my head so songfic time hehe!!!!Its agood song for this!!!!!
the director yelled lights, action, camera, ok go!
"Close up camera one
the hero sings in this scene
The man emerged for the side and got ready to sing when a girl came out prettier than pretty can be. A guy stood back watching this girl, the one that he didn't get.[1]the boy that gets the girl gets to go accueil where they get married but[/i] the director yelled "stop the tape[i]" and examined the set as the girl walked away"[i]the sunset still looks fake to me
the hero looks...
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posted by Paramore-CSI
Why is there so much pain
Why wont it go away
Why cant we live
Why cant we smile
Why is there so much pain

Why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
Why cant tears stop falling
why cant people stop stalling
why is there so much pain

why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant life win
Why cant we be one
why is there so much pain

Why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant serial killers vanish
why cant disese disapear
why is there so much pain

why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant death disinagrate
why cant it stop
why is there so much pain
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posted by Paramore-CSI
Ok I decided to write a fanfic, i do write them occasinally well a bit but I am warning toi I do not update often so I am hoping this is only 1 part, BTW it is a one shot!!Please comment!

She sat crying on her bed, frusterated with her brush.
"stupid curls come out, come out now." she screamed, as tears of frustration poured down her angelic face.
"stupid brush, get the curls out." she cried, as she hectically stroked the brush down her hair.
"I hate you." she screamed, tears streaming down her face. He walked into the room, holding her still,...
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Hearing screaming
But not actually listening
Trying to numb my mind
My thoughts
“You lied “
“You always lie”
“How can I trust you?”
But leaving them behind
So my mind can be alone
Still hearing voices
That’s when I yell back
“I had to”
“You never let me do anything”
“you are over protected”
Hearing the tears and the strain in my voice
Listening in silence as he yells louder
“You’re a lyer”
“That’s why toi can’t, I can’t trust you”
Feeling all the pressure on my eyes
Feeling worthless
Horrible awful
lying down
Hiding my...
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