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So since 2 AM (3 am CET) last night, the running order has been announced for tomorrow's final. Over the week, countries were drawn into the first ou seconde half of the final, so here is how it went:

1: France
2: Lithuania
3: Moldova
4: Finland
5: Spain
6: Belgium
7: Estonia
8: Belarus
9: Malta
10: Russia
11: Germany
12: Armenia
13: Netherlands
14: Romania
15: United Kingdom
16: Sweden
17: Hungary
18: Denmark
19: Iceland
20: Azerbaijan
21: Greece
22: Ukraine
23: Italy
24: Norway
25: Georgia
26: Ireland
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Ireland's fifth win.
niamh kavanagh
in your eyes.
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This album is the compilation of all 43 songs which made it to the final and semi-finals of Eurovision. With a rich cultural mix of languages (though English certainly dominates) and styles (ranging from a Capella to operatic pop) there’s something for everyone in this album. Despite the lack of the all-important visuals which are included in the live performances, most of the songs still manage to deliver well (with the marked exception of pseudo-mainstream attempts such as ‘Celebrate’), with their impressive vocals and melodies intact.
Generally considered to be a gimmick par those not...
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