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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 18

Esme POV

“…I will destroy him…” Rosalie sobbed.

Tears had been threatening to fall for awhile but this statement from Rosalie made them really fall.

We both sat there crying for about 10 minutes. “Rosalie…”

She looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“You…Emmett…I” There were so many things I wanted to say but nothing came out like I wanted.

After many failed attempts I got up and rubbed Rosalie shoulder. “We need to get back.” I stated.

Rosalie just sat there and looked back at the waves. She sighed.

“Rose?” I asked after...
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 17

She's Gone
Emmett’s POV

I raced back to the house and was met par Edward who was followed par Carlisle and Esme.

“She’s gone…she….” I cried to them.

“I know…” Edward told me. “You have been yelling that in your head for the past 2 miles.”

I gave him a confused look.

“News flash…I can read minds…” he spat.

What the hell was his problem with me?

I will go…” Edward announced getting ready to run into the woods.

“No, Edward. Esme will go.” Carlisle a dit stopping him with his arm.

Edward growled. “Rosalie does not need you...
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 15

I Won't Hurt You
Emmett’s POV

I ran…faster than I ever thought possible…faster than I could comprehend.

My body was numb, I felt nothing while sprinting through the woods, all that was on my mind was Rosalie.

I was about 3 miles from the house when I stopped. I felt hopeless…she could be anywhere!

STOP Emmett! toi will find her!

I was so angry with myself. She is an Angel, and I have felt the need to protect her ever since she saved me from the bear, even though she was doing most of the protecting, and I Lost her…lost her!

I turned around and punched...
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 13

the Story
Rosalie’s POV

“Then why am I…alive?” Emmett asked.

D**M! I released his hand and stood up. I walked to the vanity and hung my head as my tears splattered on the wood.

“Rosalie?” he asked concerned.

Just then Carlisle, Esme, and Edward walked in. “Hey, Rose. I thought we heard toi talking to someone.” Carlisle a dit motioning to Emmett.

“Rosalie?” Esme asked when she saw me and walked over to rub my back. “Edward told me that the man asked why he was still alive…” she whispered in my ear so quiet I could barely hear. “Talk...
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10 Ways to Annoy Emmett Cullen

10. Tell him he looks like a creepy stalker rapist.

9. Inform him, as politely as possible, that he has grizzly in his teeth.

8. Ask who wears the pants in his relationship.

7. Try to stab him through the cœur, coeur with a stake.

6. Tell him brawn is out, scrawn is in.

5. Inquires as to how he feels to be the least-liked Cullen male.

4. When he is around, wonder aloud what Rosalie calls him in bed.

3. Ask if he is overcompensating for something with that Jeep.

2. Ask if he is overcompensating for something with those muscles.

And the Number One way to annoy Emmett Cullen?

1. When he denies the above two claims, respond with “That’s not what Rosalie saaaaaid!”
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