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…” Then I felt sorry for him because he must really be stuck in the past. Not only has his musique not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife, the same female that wouldn’t let him get to seconde base from 8 years ago! He even describes his desperate lameness in this bad excuse for storytelling track. That’s some real middle school shit right there! (What type of grown cul, ass man lies about getting with a chick) Only Slim Lamey! LOL!

You can’t...
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Marshall gets out of bed, he goes over to the window. toi sit up and toi can see who’s at the window. Its Ronnie…. “What are toi doing here so late its almost 10,” Marshall states.
“I know its late, I don’t care, besides I couldn’t leave until my Mom went to bed,” he says.
“So your point?” Marshall asks….
“Well earlier today I was on my way accueil with some things and Lily comes running down the street, she shoved me and some other people outta the way and … I don’t know it was odd,” Ronnie says. “Can I ask her what that was if shes here?” he asks.
“She is, but...
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It’s that fact black guy from on the bus this morning. toi glare at him as Marshall starts to walk away… “Come on,” Marshall says though his teeth. toi run to catch up with him.
“Hey come back here!” the boy yells. toi keep walking with Marshall. toi look back and hes following toi guys with something behind his back. toi get stopped par a group of people walking to their classes. Marshall turns around to see where that kid went…. He chucks a chunk of ice at Marshall, it hits him in the chest.
“Owww… asshole!” Marshall yells. “Lets get outta here,” Marshall says pulling...
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It’s about two weeks later on a Saturday. toi haven’t seen Marshall for this whole time. According to Jake, he says Hailie a dit that her dad has been in the studio for the last two weeks working on stuff for Relapse 2 and some things for others. toi really wish toi could see him, toi think you’re about ready to tell him the whole truth about how toi like him, and that toi were lying to him about not liking him. toi also plan to tell him about Jordan, and how he’s the reason, toi never wanted to get into a relationship until toi met, and got to liking Marshall. toi plan to tell him...
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“What do toi think you’re doing?!” an adult type lady yells. Shes got some weird bushy hair do that is blonde, she looks kinda old but still young. And she looks like she does drugs a lot.
“Mom! What are toi doing here?” Marshall ask immediately letting go of your hand. toi just stand there sort of scared staring at the two of them.
“You better get your cul, ass accueil boy,” says the lady pointing back behind her as if his house was right there.
“I was, I was just gonna bring Lily home. Do toi mind?” Marshall smarts off. He looks very angry with his mother.
“No! You’re coming home...
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“Hey Nick,” toi say with a smile while looking up from your dresser with pictures of toi and your Friends on it. He glares at toi as he sets his bag down. “What? Have a bad jour ou something?” toi ask.
“Kinda, that school is full of a bunch of fags,” he says.
“That’s nice,” toi say looking at him funny. “So is my school,” toi say.
“Hey,” Marshall says sitting toi lightly.
“I didn’t mean you,” toi say and hit him back. “So calm down,”
“So who is this?” Nick asks.
“My friend Marshall,” toi say. Marshall gives Nick a slight smile.
“Ok,” Nick says and does...
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Chapter 1
    I was walking down the sidewalk in Detroit Michigan, past the Shady Records building, a building that I wish I could just walk right into, but toi have to have a special pass to get in. My friend, Megan, and I learned that the hard way back in 2000 when we tried to walk in just to check it out. This large black guy and his stupid friend threw us out the back door, and told us that if we ever did that again they'd call the cops, and we'd go to jail for break in ou something, but that was two years ago. They should have just let us off with a warning, but they...
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“Lily wake up, your gonna be late for school!” your mom yells shaking you… toi open your eyes slowly….
“Huh?” toi ask. “Its Monday already?” toi ask confused thinking that it was only supposed to be Sunday…
“Yes, toi must have been very tired last night,” toi mom says with a smile……
“Yeah cause I don’t remember even going to bed,” toi say. *wait… that sounds very bad* toi think to yourself… your mom just smirks at you.. toi give her a funny look she ignores it and walks out the room.
“Get dressed!” toi hear her call back. toi sigh and stand up… toi slowly...
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“Who is it?” toi ask your mother as she comes back into the kitchen.
“I don’t know, he just asked for toi two,” your mother explains and sits down at the table… toi and Marshall look at each other confused, toi both sort of hesitate to move. “Well aren’t toi gonna go talk to him?” your mom asks.
“Uh what does he look like?” Marshall asks quickly.
“Hes kinda fat, and hes black. Why?” she asks confused.
“Uhh how bout toi tell him that we just left,” Marshall says figuring its DeAngelo.
“Hes gonna ask were we went, toi know that,” toi say though your teeth to Marshall....
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“Abby! What the hell is the matter with you?” Wanda, your friend from high school asks as she enters your office. toi look up at her with no expression on your face. “You’ve been staring at that same damn paper for 30 minutes. And toi have that same expression on your face,” shes says. toi still don’t answer her “Whats wrong!?” she yells at toi and closes the door, she sits down in one of the chairs like shes one of your clients ou something.
“I don’t feel like talking about it,” toi say with the same expression on your face that toi have had for the past 30 minutes according...
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posted by mehere
 sexy as HELL
sexy as HELL
here r a few songs (they r in aléatoire order)

rock bottom

words are weapons



kill you

never 2 far

like toy solidiers

white america

cleanin' out my closet

my name is

till i collapse

when im gone

sing for the moment

the real slim shady

just dont give a fuck

lose yourself

the way i am



suck my dick

hailie's song

roman's revenge

I hope toi like these and it helps!!!! But if toi dont like this liste please tell me your thoughts i cant fix it if u dont tell me :P
[Royce Da 5'9"]
First verse, uh
I’m on ’til I’m on a island
My life’s ridin’ on the Autobahn on autopilot
Before I touch dirt, I’ll kill toi all with kindness
I kill ya, my natural persona’s much worse
You’ve been warned if you’ve been born ou if toi can form
Slap up a cop and then snatch I'm out of his uniform
Leave him wit’ his socks, hard bottoms and bloomers on
And hang him par his balls from the horn of a unicorn
Y’all niggas’ intellect mad slow, y’all fags know
Claimin’ toi bangin’, toi flamin’
Bet toi could light your own cigarette witcha asshole
Me and Shady deaded...
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posted by Rodayna
It's been a ride...
I guess I had to... go to that place... (that place!) to get to this one!
Now some of you... (some of you!) might still be in that place! (be in that place!)
If you're tryna get out... (tryna get out!)
Just follow me! (follow me!)
I'll get toi there!

[Chorus: Intro in the background]
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid!) to take a stand (to take a stand!)
Everybody (everybody!) come take my hand! (come take my hand!)
We'll walk this road together - through the storm!
Whatever weather - cold ou warm!
Just let toi know that - you're not alone!
Hola if toi feel that you've been down...
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“You know what!” toi yell at your son. He stops… “You’re grounded!” toi yell.
“What? Why?” he asks, he looks confused and surprised.
“Never mind!” toi scream at him. toi run upstairs to your room, slam the door shut and lay down on the bed. “Stupid kid!” toi say to yourself. Jake opens the door and walks in.
“Did I do something wrong?” he asks.
“No, go away!” toi yell. He just leaves the room confused. toi start to think of Marshall again. toi scream. The door starts to open again… “No!” toi yell and he stops. (wow. *giggle giggle*)
It’s been three days...
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posted by james55
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my hand (come take my hand)
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold ou warm
Just lettin toi know that, you're not alone
Holla if toi feel like you've been down the same road (same road)

[Intro (during Chorus):]
Yeah, it's been a ride
I guess I had to, go to that place, to get to this one
Now some of you, might still be in that place
If you're trying to get out, just follow me
I'll get toi there

You could try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em
But toi won't take...
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FFW Summer of ‘87 July 1st.
UPDATES:: You’re 13 now. Marshall is 14. toi and Marshall have been going out for about seven months now. Not much has really changed, but everyone’s ages. However,… about a few months ago,…Something did change…
“NICK!” your mother screams from the other room. Both toi and Nick stop what toi were doing and stare at the door. toi glance at the clock it’s about noon.
“You better answer her. ou toi know what will happen,” toi say pointing in the direction of your mother.
“Fuck that shit! I don’t need her and dad fuckin telling me what to do....
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Abigail (Abby) toi prefer to be called Abby Marie Miller, toi are 33 years old.. (2009)
Growing up toi lived in Minneapolis Minnesota, which isn’t too much better from where toi live now in Detroit Michigan. Why toi live there? Well your husband Jordan John Miller forced toi and your son Jake to déplacer there when Jake Jordan Miller was 4 years old he got a great job there…. toi do live on the good side of Detroit but that don’t stop toi from seeing the crappy side….. Jake is 13 now…
Your mom died when toi were 16 she got cancer and passed away. toi lived with your father his name is...
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Your brother walks in the room… “You two better watch it, moms right out there,” Nick says…
“Yeah I know this,” toi say then sit up a little.
“How long is it gonna take for toi to tell them?” Marshall asks while yawing and sitting up.
“We’ve been goin out for like a day. I’ll tell them when I’m ready. I wanna tell them when it’s the right time,” toi explain. “Besides not many fathers want their 12 daughters dating,” toi say.
“That’s true….” Nick buts in as he sits down on his lit and stares at the two of you. toi glare at him then he looks down and starts...
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You’ve been back in South Dakota for about a month, toi start school today. None of your Friends know you’re back yet. You’ve just been hiding out in your room. The first 3 weeks were terrible, crying yourself to sleep, stomach aches, throwing up, head aches, hardly any sleep, depression and many other things. The past week you’ve trying to pull yourself together, just for school and your friends. You’ve also been keeping it a secret form your parents that toi are pregnant, which would explain the throwing up in the mornings. Your terrified to tell your parents that your pregnant,...
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You’re laying in bed, toi don’t wanna fall asleep. toi look on the floor, theres one of Mya’s soft toy balls laying there. toi pick it up and lay back down on the bed, toi throw it up and catch it for a few minutes until toi get distracted par a noise which causes the ball to hit your leg and fall off the bed, it rolls across the room. Theres a tap on the window. toi ignore it a first thinking it’s just the wind. toi stare towards the window, it happens again. toi get up and go to the window, moving the curtain. Nick’s standing there trembling, he comes in the light he has blood on...
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