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I ran to the ark as fast as I could.Princess was suivant to me,holding my hand, and running for dear life.Even I didn't want to go to hell like this! "We made it!!!" I shouted as we finally reached the ark."Hey Noah dude,let us on!" courtney demanded to noah. "sure!" he a dit as he motioned to the inside of the ark.We cautiously walked onto the ark and were led par a man with a horrible white beard. I remembered for some reason how I had asked Courtney the other jour if she wanted to sleep in my room with me since her house got flooded.The bearded dude led us to a cramped room with a bed."You two will sleep here together since this is the last available room in the ark.unless of course toi would prefer to sleep with the horses." he a dit pointing to the horse stables."Sleeping with toi suddenly seems better..." Courtney a dit as a look of discust passed par her face.
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Duncan and chris talk about being gay... OMFG sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!