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 Dragon l’amour
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This dragons fond d’écran might contain verdigris, bouillie bordelaise, fleur de lis, and fleur de lys.

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It all started when I was a baby.I was a very weird baby.A always turned into a dragon whenever I got mad for some reason.Let tell toi the transformation.
First toi start to grow wings.Then toi get scales on your body.Then toi get a dragon body.As well as the extra wings.Then toi get a huge neck.Note:Try to think of this in your head.Then toi start to get the huge feet,and wella,you are a dragon!
Well back to the story.As I got older,I started getting a temper.Then I got taller and taller.I got a lot stronger than I should have been.,and finally I got rougher skin.

**End of this part**

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