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@IGN - Her biggest adventure yet. Returns later this year.
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This are the scenes from the episode from season 4 "Partners in Crime" that included Howard Attfield (Geoff Noble). Sadly Howard died shortly after and was replaced par Donna's uncle Bernard Cribbins (Wilf Mott).
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**UK ONLY** The seconde appearance of Rose.
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From Confidential
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Except saying that she’s vain because she fell in l’amour with Ten instead of Nine is absolutely incorrect, because she fell in l’amour with Nine first, and initially did not accept Ten because he was not Nine.

Putting aside the fact that Christopher Eccleston is quite attractive (he’s not “pretty," no, but have toi seen his eyes? They’re the color of an arctic ocean; they’re beautiful), anyone with eyes can see that Rose fell in l’amour with Nine first. She may not have realized it, she may have not been as open with her affections, but it was there. For example:

It can be argued that this...
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