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Disney+ kicks off holiday festivities this Friday, December 24, when Walt Disney animation Studios’ “Encanto” launches on the streamer. In a new featurette, Lin-Manuel Miranda—who wrote eight original songs for the film...
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 Sykes (1988)
Sykes (1988)
Sykes has lent a large amount of money to the petty criminal Fagin for some unknown reason, sending his 2 evil Dobermans, Roscoe and DeSoto, to tell Fagin to go up and meet with him. Fagin, unfortunately, finds himself unable to pay the money back, and begs for plus time. Sykes tells him that he has three days to find the money ou else who knows what will happen to Fagin, his home, ou his dogs. Then, he honks his horn to call his chiens back, which frightens Fagin; causing him to fall off the dock and into the river.

When Fagin learns that Oliver's new owner is exceedingly wealthy, he orders...
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 newest couple -gets haut, retour au début spot
newest couple -gets top spot
some are shipped some are canon to the films :)

1.Lady and Tramp

2.Perdita and Pongo

3.Raja and Shere Khan

4.Duchess and Thomas O'Malley

5.Juju and Kaa

6.Pom Pom and Lucifer

7.Faline and Bambi

8.Si & Am and Flotsam & Jetsam

9. Angel and Scamp

10. Nala and Simba


1. Gaston and Vanessa ( Vain and Good looking)

2. Jafar and Maleficent( a staff and a bird)

3. Horned King and Evil Queen

4. Stromboli and Ursula( need a diet)

5. Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel( keep their " children" locked up)

6. Edgar and Wicked Stepmother( both want royalties/privileges they cant have)

7. Dr.Facilier...
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salut everyone! Well, I decided, since I haven't made an article in awhile, do a liste of my haut, retour au début 5 Disney males. I had to think, but I've got the liste together. So...sit back and enjoy reading! No mean commentaires please.

5. The Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

I l’amour this guy so much. Seriously. Even though we don't get to see him much, he left a lasting impression on me. I mean, right away. When he goes over the wall, and toi see his smile, toi know he's genuine. And when he pops up and sings into the well with her, it's hilarious. Especially Snow White's reaction. And when he starts singing...
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