Disney Disney Hero Battle Tournament - ROUND 4 - Hercules vs. Prince "The Beast" Adam - Who would win in a one-on-one fight?

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The Beast
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NightFrog picked Hercules:
Well... he's Hercules, the boy who faught several dragon heads and won, dove into a river of death and made it, can pick up a giant boulder, threw the Titans a great distance, and of course, he's the son of Zeus, King of the Gods.

Beast faught off a grown man and a pack of wolves- but they both still ended up hurting him.

I give them both props though, for being stronger than me.
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JTRios picked The Beast:
The Beast (first 30 min. o/BatB) vs. Young Herc. - Adam has this, Herc. was unskilled and would have been scared ***less out of the Beast initially. Any attempt to use his strength against Adam would just further enrage him ala Incredible Hulk and he'd probably end up killing the poor kid by slashing his throat(and then getting struck by lighting by the kid's dad).

The Beast (last 20 min o/BatB) vs. Adult Hercules - Herc. has the skills now to take down the beast handily, especially if we're talking the much more tame and less violent-prone Beast, here.

I'm voting BEast just to make it interesting.
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