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 "Who's that handsome guy?"
"Who's that handsome guy?"
Alright,as toi may all know back in December I made my "Getting to know Renegade1765" article,but as time went by,I became pretty unsatisfied with the article,so I'm making this article as a updated version of it because most of my articles are great,but that one is the one that I'm not very satisfied with.
First of all,I will be very honest this time and I will go into plus detail about myself.
Second,I will explain "My Origins","My Personality","My Fears","My Likes",My Lists","My Dislikes" and "My Dreams".
Third,everything in this new article is 100% true,I didn't make this up,I'm telling...
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 The happiest place on earth
The happiest place on earth
First of all,this is a liste I wanted to do a long time il y a but I wasn't in the mood of making it,but now I'm ready and I'll montrer toi guys my haut, retour au début 10 favori Disney Movies.
Second,these are my favorites,these aren't the best,they're just the ones that I l’amour the most.Whether toi like ou hate my choices,remember that these are just my favorites.
Okay that's enough chatter!Let's do this thing!

10.Atlantis The Lost Empire (2001).
While being a huge flop at he box office and it also failed to grab audiences back then,but it turns out that it's not that bad,it's quite good.When I was young,this is one...
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"Furry Girl Profiles-Roxanne Episode 7 Playfur Cinema's seventh review features the teenage bombshell Roxanne from "A Goofy Movie". furries furry fandom cartoon kids educational furry information 90's dessins animés Disney
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90's dessins animés
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Bonjour! So this is a top-twelve countdown of my favourite Disney villains. Pretty simple, I guess. (WARNING - contains spoilers)

So shall we begin?

12. Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

 And he came so highly recommended
And he came so highly recommended

I hate this dude because he's greedy and selfish and actually kind of stupid and blind through his greed and l’amour of gold. He pretends to go on the voyage to help other people find their lives but instead utilises them for his own benefits and not theirs. When he is told that there is no or in Virginia, he turns blind and possessed, and will stop at nothing to make sure...
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