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posted by JENlover108
After Years of saying Nick and her were Just Friends, she finally opens up. She says that they were really in love, and that still are. She tells Seveteen Magazine that Nick still loves her, but doesn't know it. She a dit that nick was her 24/7.
Here are some of the things she a dit about the breakup in the late 2007:
“I bawled for a mois straight. I was so sad. I just went into this weird funk. And I dyed my hair black. When we were dating, Nick wanted me to get highlights – and so I did that, and I got myself looking great. And then, on the jour we broke up, I was like, I want to make my hair black now – I don't want to look pretty; I want to look hard-core. I was rebelling against everything Nick wanted me to be. And then I was like, I've got to be par myself for now."
Why did Miley decide to opend up about this all of the sudden??