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 Snow White Concept Art
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posted by cromulanfav
So, this is probably the last thing I'm going to do for Mulan mois : A review, ou ,in another words, my praise to Mulan.

Here are some aléatoire thing I noticed while I was watching the movie for the 7th time this month.

 I'm bad-ass
I'm bad-ass
The movie starts with the Rebelle Chinese soldier. He lights the fire, which is for some reason, very risky. Many people complain how in this movie, Chinese nation is obsessed with honor, pride and things like that, but I don't see nothing wrong about. It's a positive thing, they are portrayed nicely, better than being portrayed as violent, ignorant and with no...
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Well, here it is. I tried to be as objective and open-minded as I possibly can, so I hope I am not too biased. Anyway, let's begin!

UPDATE: Okay, now Rapunzel is in the countdown! :)

Number 10: Aurora

Aurora...zzz...she doesn't really do anything. I am sorry. She is cute in the period she is awake, but...that's it. The problem is that her character is not expanded enough. I am sure that if she spent plus time awake, she would be much plus interesting.

 Hehe! He is so cute! *sighs dreamily*
Hehe! He is so cute! *sighs dreamily*

Number 9: Rapunzel

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...she kept sliding down my list. Now she is at number 9. The problem...
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Chapter One

"Why must dis happen? Why why why?"
"Whatchya talkin bout Cwabby?"
Sebastian the crabe turned to the two mice before him. "Every an I'm all set and ready to retire. And every an someting comes up dat makes me wait on and on to do dat!" he groaned. "It's always de same thing...babysitting de girls!"
"No worry, Cwabby. We'll help ya!" Jaq, one of the mice declared.
"Uh, yup!" the plus chubby one, Gus, added.
"Sides, isn't dere some magic guy comin ta help, too?" Jaq asked.
Sebastian raised an eyebrow at the rodents. "It's called a Genie."
"Did someone call me?" a voice exclaimed. Then,...
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9. Snow White's Castle
I'm sorry, but the only thing that seems good about this place is that it has a few nice balconies that toi can stand on while your man serenades you. Other than that, it's a very dark, eerie castle. Of course it's ran par an evil Queen so that makes perfect sense.

8. Prince's Castle (Snow White)
The scene with the Prince's château is one of the most beautiful scenes in all Disney films however, we can't really see it. It seems plus like a mirage made of light in the clouds if toi ask me. It's obviously beautiful, but we have no idea what it actually looks like inside....
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posted by hedwig_wolf
Most people see Cendrillon as a poor girl who waited for her Prince to come and find her but Walt Disney himself a dit in 1949, "She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn't come along, she went over to the palace and got him." Which probably explains why she’s always been one of my favorites, she doesn’t just sit around after her Fairy godmother helps her out she goes the rest of the way and falls in love.

Cinderella is the 12th classic out of the 50 animated classics and it was released in 1950 13 years after his last...
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Disney had to give 6their heroines, aside from great look, hot princes and titre of a princess, amazing hairs too to make us even plus envious.

We already had this countdown, but with coming of new princess and new fans, it has been done again. toi can read old article link.
Here are they in order as toi voted them.

10. Snow White

Old position: #10

I couldn't say I'm very surprised that Snow White came in last place. She was last in many countdowns. However, many people stated that they absolutely l’amour her hair. Why is it last than? Because of the other ones, who don't find her hair that...
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Hello, everybody! It's been a long time since toi last heard of me (some complications with writing) but - here we are.

Today we'll talk about my favori DP's hair - no, not hairstyles, hair. Without further ado, let's get started!

14. Anna

I don't hate her hair, I just don't find it interesting - nothing attracts me in it. I don't care for the color ou that white strip, and she has a awful bedhead. The only thing I like is that cute fringe.

Oh, and for the record, I don't think it would look any better loose.

 Pouting won't get toi any higher, sweetheart.
Pouting won't get toi any higher, sweetheart.

13. Merida

Unlike most of you, I'm...
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Even though I wrote this liste 3 months il y a it has changed a lot since then so I decided to write an updated liste for you, hope you'll like it

11. Merida (previously 10)

I think she's pretty despite this placement, she has beautiful blue eyes and her hair has such a lovely color, but her face shape bugs me, also while she has a gorgeous haircolor the style of the hair is too curly for my taste. But she does have a cute smile, but it's a weird smile. It's also very hard for me to find good shots of her, the one above is the only shot where I think she's leaning towards beautiful, but I wouldn't...
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 The carefree beauty
The carefree beauty
I thought since Anna and Elsa have joined the lineup, I should write my prettiest list. This is based purely on looks, so I'm gonna be completely shallow. Keep in mind that this is my opinion. And what better way to follow up my favoris liste than with a prettiest list?

12. Merida
*Takes in HUGE breath and breathes out* Merida. Surprise, surprise, my least favori DP is in last place. But I promise, I'm not being biased. I honestly don't find Merida attractive AT ALL. First off, her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes are pretty, but can be kinda creepy sometimes. I personally don't like...
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