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 Princess Zombies!!!!! XO =O
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I hope toi l’amour this picture & please put commentaires & please no bad commentaires & thank toi & have a nice day!!!!!!
snow white
La Belle au Bois Dormant
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This Princesses Disney photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Name: Snow White
Meaning: name donné to snow white par her mother and father because of her pale white skin
aka: In Low German Sneewittchen; in High German Schneeweißchen, called "the little princess" par the huntsman. Princess Snow White.
Disney film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes, 1st Disney classic, 1937
Voice: Adriana Caselotti
Singing voice: Adrina Caselotti
Model: Marjorie Belcher and Margaret Champion
Based on: Many adaptions created but Brother Grimm's adaption was the one Disney’s version is most based on, ending of being kissed par the prince is borrowed from a different...
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 John Smith wanted to join! Ain't he pretty? Made par prussiaducky
John Smith wanted to join! Ain't he pretty? Made by prussiaducky
I haven't done one of there's yet but just to let all of toi know I find everyone beautiful. I mainly base my looks on looks and outfits (Because usually the outfit makes the princess). Also special treat I put in a picture of myself at the end so toi guys can see me hehehehehe.

13: Mulan

I find Mulan rather plain compared to the rest of the princesses. She had her beauty moments but not has many as the others.
Like: Her smile and eyes
Dislike: Her hair and eyebrows

12: Belle
Like Mulan I find Belle rather plain. She's maybe called beauty but she's isn't as pretty as the others. She has plus good...
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